Zacatecas Video: Zacatecas Flaying Gore Video Reddit, Zacatecas Cartel Video

Zacatecas Video: In a chilling revelation, a flaying video, filmed in Mexico’s violence-ridden state of Zacatecas, has once again surfaced online, sending shockwaves through the internet. The disturbing content has garnered widespread attention, prompting discussions and concerns among netizens globally.

Zacatecas Video
Zacatecas Video

Zacatecas Video: Zacatecas Flaying Video:

Research on Google Trends indicates a surge in interest surrounding the Zacatecas flaying video, leading to its widespread circulation on various online platforms. Users who stumbled upon the video expressed profound distress, highlighting the disturbing nature of the content.

Zacatecas Cartel Video:

Renowned YouTuber Plagued Moth played a significant role in bringing the Zacatecas flaying video to the forefront. In July, he released a 13-minute-long video titled “The Zacateca Flaying, Worse Than FunkyTown? I Goremas.” Plagued Moth provided a detailed narration of the events depicted in the video, ensuring that the graphic content was appropriately blurred. The video, despite its disturbing nature, amassed over 160K views at the time of writing this article.

Zacatecas Flaying Gore:

The release of the video on various platforms left many netizens grappling with the profound impact of what they had witnessed. Even with the blurred imagery, the brutality of the act remained disturbingly visible. Numerous individuals expressed being emotionally scarred by the experience, emphasizing the intensity of the video’s impact.

Zacatecas Flaying Reddit:

Speculations on the origin of the video emerged within online communities, with Reddit users asserting that Mexico’s Cartel del Noreste was behind the flaying. Also known as the Northeast Cartel, it was reportedly founded in 2014 by Juan Gerardo Chavez Trevino.

Cartel Background: A History of Violence

The Zacatecas cartel’s emergence followed the arrest of Los Zetas’ leader, Omar Trevino Morales, leading to a power vacuum and subsequent factionalization. The Old School Zetas and the Cartel del Noreste, both born out of this division, engaged in frequent and violent clashes.

Zacatecas, as reported by El Pais, has been embroiled in cartel wars and intense violence for years. Recent incidents, including the kidnapping and tragic killing of seven friends and cousins, shed light on the harrowing reality faced by the residents of Zacatecas. In another grim incident, five police officers were kidnapped and found dead in August.

Recruitment Dynamics and Cartel Violence:

Carlos Perez Ricart from the Center for Economic Research and Teaching shed light on the demographics of cartel recruits. Often, men aged 17 to 24 living in impoverished urban areas with limited opportunities find themselves drawn into the cartels. Some recruits are survivors of previous shootings, while others may be coerced into joining.

According to Mexico United Against Crime, the state of Zacatecas has witnessed alarming statistics over the past five years, with 4548 victims of homicide and femicide, along with 2371 cases of kidnappings, illegal detentions, and other crimes against humanity.


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