Welcome to Samdal-ri Episode 7 Recap and Review: Sam-dal is Out to Find Herself!

Welcome to Samdal-ri Episode 7 brings lightheartedness between Sam-dal and Yong-pil, while the the entire town speaks of them. But before we dive further into what happens today, let us remind you of the previous episode. Episode 6 took Sam-dal to Seoul where she is finally relieved of the burden she had been carrying this whole time.

Directed by Cha Young-hoon, Welcome to Samdal-ri (웰컴투 삼달리) is a rom-com starring Ji Chang-wook, Shin Hye-sun, Seo Hyun-chul, Kim Mi-hwa, Yang Kyung-won, and Baek Hyun-joo alongside other cast members. The show will have 16 episodes and be broadcast on JTBC in the Saturday-Sunday slot at 10:30 PM KST time slot previously occupied by Strong Girl Nam-soonWelcome to Samdal-ri episode 7 has a run time of 70 minutes.

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-Welcome to Samdal-ri Episode 7 Recap Contains Spoiler-

Welcome to Samdal-ri Episode 7 Recap

Opening up with a look into the past, the episode shows us the time after Sam-dal’s break up with Yong-pil following which she leaves for the U.S. Busying herself after letting go of her relationship, she kept trying but could not let go of anything that reminded her of Yong-pil. And so, while she tried letting him go, she couldn’t help but hold him closer to her heart.

Back in the present, she is confronted by her mother about her feelings for Yong-pil and tries to avoid answering, and to her luck her sister’s arrival saves her. Elsewhere, Yong-pil is faced with the same question and Sang-do reveals that he has always loved Sam-dal. Expecting Yong-pil to have a strong reaction, he is surprised when Yong-pil reveals that he has already told him this every time he got drunk.

Sang-do is shocked by this but persists in asking Yong-pil about his feelings who in turn asks him if his feelings for Sam-dal would stop Sang-do from confessing. Sang-do denies and Yong-pil tells him that this is the way it should be, as for his feelings for Sam-dal, he never got over her as he had never tried to get over her.

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Later, Yong-pil walks back in the rain and sees a kitten getting drenched which reminds him of his memories in a similar situation with Sam-dal. He leaves behind his umbrella for the kitten and rushes back home when he sees Sam-dal trying to do something to his room while balancing herself over the wall.

He comes behind her which leaves her shocked and the two fall on the road. Elsewhere, Yong-pil’s father, Cho Sang-tae, finds out about Sam-dal’s return to town. Meanwhile, Sam-dal treats Yong-pil’s wound and asks him to not mention him accompanying her on her trip to Seoul.

The next morning, Sam-dal finds out about Jin-dal’s encounter with her ex-husband and is briefly shocked before she gets back to making her way to find herself. On the way, she comes across Yong-pil who finds out that she is going on the Jeju Olle Trail, a famous trek on the island.

Yong-pil bursts out laughing when he finds out about this and makes fun of her way of looking for Cho Sam-dal before leaving. Elsewhere, Jeon Da-young thinks about Jin-dal when he comes across his cousins who make fun of what happened to him recently. Da-young is unable to say anything and daydreams about his wife who would’ve shown them their place by now.

Meanwhile, Jin-dal prepares to splurge with Ha-yul when she runs into Da-young’s assistant Ko Chul-jong who asks her about her well-being. As he walks her back home, they come across Da-young who tries to talk to Jin-dal but is scared away when she mentions his brothers to him.

On the other hand, Ha-yul looks for the dolphins the man she had met was talking about. Meanwhile, the strange man Kong Ji-chan is also in a rush to find the dolphin who couldn’t be tracked all night long. However, a twist of fate brings him in front of Hae-dal who helps him out but also assumes him to be a mentally ill patient.

He assures her that he is not what she assumes which leaves her embarrassed. As they walk, she finds Ha-yul who sees a spark between the man and her mother, making her decide to call her mother “aunt” in front of this man. Elsewhere, the news of Yong-pil and Sam-dal getting together spreads all over town while the latter enjoys the trail with many others.

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However, her trip comes to an end at Sang-do’s restaurant where she sees him being punched by his elder brother who came to ask for money. This makes Sang-do embarrassed as he is always seen in his most pathetic state by Sam-dal which crushes his hopes to assure her once in a while.

Welcome to Samdal-ri Episode 7 Ending

The next day, Sam-dal is in pain due to her sore muscles and slowly makes her way to the drugstore where she comes across Yong-pil who once again bursts into laughter. He then hands her the medicine he brought for her and accompanies her home while laughing at her state. He tells her about a photography competition that is going to take place and asks her to take part in it. Later, the two soon come across Sang-tae.

Memories of the past come rushing back as Sam-dal goes back to the day Sang-tae asked her to break up with his son. She complied that day and gave up on the love who had always been there for her.

Welcome to Samdal-ri Episode 7 Review

The story once again picks up and goes beyond the anger the two held for each other to find a way to clear everything that happened to them. We can see that Yong-pil’s father is one of the reasons why the two broke up and if we try to connect the dots then it may be because of Yong-pil’s devotion towards Sam-dal.

We can now hope to know more about their break-up story from here on while Mi-ja is surely going to leave us heartbroken soon. Meanwhile, Yong-pil is only becoming more of a green flag with each passing episode and Sang-do is following right behind him. However, the biggest green flag in this serious right now is Ha-yul who is looking out for her mother in such a heart-warming way.

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