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Was He Drunk At A Concert

Dan Balan Lubita accident news is all over the internet. Dan Bălan is a musician, record producer, vocalist, and composer from Moldova.

His breakthrough song “Dragostea Din Tei” reached the top of charts in 32 countries and sold 12 million copies worldwide. He is the creator of the Moldovan eurodance band O-Zone.

Inferialis performed for the first time in a concert space located in one of Chișinău’s factories in 1995, following Balan’s formation of the band.

His parents, who were thrilled by the performance, purchased him an expensive synthesizer while the whole family was present at the show.

He performed with the band for the next two years, taking on a few minor gigs, before deciding to switch to more commercially sounding songs.

Dan Balan Lubita accident and his drunk video news are all over the internet. Be with us to explore more.

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Dan Balan Lubita Accident: Was He Drunk Or Drugged At A Concert?

Dan Balan Lubita Accident news is just a rumor but his drunk news is probably true. Dan Bălan was charged with drunkenly entering the stage.

What the Chisinau event organizers say: Fans have accused Dan Bălan, a member of the band O-Zone, of entering the stage intoxicated.

First thoughts were expressed by the Chisinau concert organizers when rumors circulated that the performer had been intoxicated throughout the gig.

Dan Balan Lubita Accident
Dan Balan Lubita accident news is just a rumor. (Source: Stiridinsurse)

Dan Bălan, 44, returned to the stage during the “Christmas Magic” event in Chisinau the other day, having not performed for five years.

Following his performance, the singer from the Republic of Moldova sparked a lot of controversy, with some fans assuming that he was intoxicated.

The claims made against the singer are categorically denied by RB Agency, the promoters of the “Dan Bălan-Christmas Magic” performance, which took place at Arena Chisinau on December 24, 2023.

Dan Bălan Video Viral

Social media users shared videos of Dan Bălan stammering and losing his footing while performing in a variety of languages.

Perhaps he was similarly high on drugs when he visited Moldova a second time and got wasted, People were standing directly in front of him. Style is not the point. He was unable to speak.

Dan Bălan is an unpredictable man, but he is an extremely interesting man,”  a person said, standing directly in front of him.

Dan Balan Lubita Accident
He is a famous Moldovan musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer. (Source: EVZ)

He is an artist after all, so you can see that it’s primarily his style. The criticism coming from those who weren’t present is unsettling.

After five years without giving a concert at home, the performer was emotional and joyful. People appreciate his talent, but they are disappointed with this performance one musician said.

After a five-year break, Dan Bălan, a former member of the band O-Zone, returned to the stage in Chisinau.

However, many of the audience members were let down by the musician from the Republic of Moldova’s performance because it was below par.

Internet users have said that the artist was in poor physical condition when they performed, which left them unhappy with how the performance turned out.

Early Life Of Dan Bălan

Dan Mihai Balan was born in Cluj-Napoca on February 6, 1979. His parents are TV presenter Ludmila Balan and diplomat Mihai Balan.

TV hostess Sanda Bălan is his sister; she was born in 1984. As a young boy, his maternal grandpa Boris Vasiliev was exiled to Siberia.

At the age of eleven, he received a second-hand accordion as a gift, and he started playing music at an early age.

Balan went to music school, but his parents pushed him to pursue a legal education at a university.

He briefly complied with their wishes before quitting law school to play with gothic doom metal outfit Inferialis, his debut band.

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