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Texas family’s heartrending loss: two children and an unborn grandchild

The tragic tale of Savannah Soto, a young woman from Texas, and her family is one that has gripped the nation due to its heartbreaking circumstances. Savannah and her boyfriend, Matthew Guerra, met an untimely demise, further adding to the Soto family’s history of tragedy, leaving many questions to be answered.

Savannah’s parents, Gloria Cordova and her husband, are now grappling with the loss of two of their children – Savannah and her younger brother, Ethan. The Soto family was first plunged into a world of grief when Ethan was senselessly murdered on May 16, 2022, in what appeared to be a revenge act linked to a drug-related incident.

As if the pain of losing Ethan wasn’t enough, the family was pushed into another tragic episode when Savannah, who was 18 years old and pregnant at the time, was found dead with her boyfriend, Matthew Guerra, in a parked Kia Optima on December 27, 2023. The couple had been reported missing for several days before their bodies were discovered, confirming the worst fears of their loved ones.

Gloria, Savannah’s mother, had reported her daughter missing to the San Antonio Police Department when Savannah didn’t appear for her scheduled induction at the hospital. The fact that Savannah was overdue with her pregnancy and the circumstances surrounding her death only added to the complexity and depth of the family’s grief. Further adding to the family’s pain were allegations that Savannah had been in an abusive relationship with Guerra.

San Antonio’s Police Chief, Bill McManus, referred to the crime scene as “very, very perplexing,” highlighting the difficulties investigators faced in trying to piece together the details of Savannah and Guerra’s deaths. The Soto family’s painful experience, marked by violence, loss, and many unanswered questions, is a stark reminder of their tragic circumstances.

Gloria Cordova and her husband now face the heartrending task of mourning the loss of two children, their lives forever scarred by the unimaginable grief they’ve had to endure.

Ethan Soto, Savannah’s younger brother, was also caught in the crossfire of this tragic family narrative that unfolded with disastrous consequences. Ethan’s death, at the young age of 15, was the result of a revenge act reportedly linked to a drug-related incident.

Victor Nathaneal Rivas, 18, accused Ethan of stealing THC-related drugs and sought reprisal. Rivas allegedly used an underage girl to lure Ethan into a trap, which resulted in Ethan being shot multiple times. Ethan later succumbed to his injuries at the hospital, leaving the Soto family in a state of utter devastation.

The aftermath of Ethan’s murder was marred by a brawl in the courtroom during Rivas’s trial, resulting from a sudden outburst of emotions from the family members. This violent altercation led to several arrests for assault and disruption of court proceedings.

This unfortunate series of events serves as a stark reminder of the Soto family’s ongoing struggle for justice and their quest to make sense of the tragedies that have befallen them. Ethan’s untimely death not only deprived the family of a cherished son and brother but also triggered a sequence of events that further plunged their lives into darkness.


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