Teen Actress Yelani Sinclair Enjoy The Festivities As She Attends Vidcon

VidCon Anaheim’s 2023 creator lineup featured a list of high-profile influencers like Mr. Beast, Dream, Ludwig, Karl Jacobs, and more. YouTubers from all over the world attended.

The convention which is an annual event that celebrates the best of online content creators, brands, and their fans. It was first founded by brothers Hank and John Green in 2010, and has since expanded to become a major name in the influencer game.

One guest in attendance Included teen actress, Yelani Sinclair who was a special invited guest by the OneLegacy foundation.Enjoying a two day pass, Yelani attended the world’s largest online video conference, with thousands of content creators, industry insiders, and devoted fans, that gathered to enjoy three non-stop days of panels, parties, and so much more.

With VidCon 2023 being all about what’s new; Yelani wasted no time visiting all of the major sets including her favorite, iCarly and SpongeBob SquarePants. Networking the convention with her team, Yelani is focusing on breaking into the digital spaces and building a name for herself within the streaming community.

Yelani, had a chance to listen to actress Keke Palmer, actress and founder of YouTube content network, KeyTV, who took to the Industry Track Mainstage to discuss her evolution and how it has impacted her career.Focusing on longevity and making valuable connections, Yelani is focused on her projects and creating a name for herself within the streaming world.



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