Soundtrack 2 Episode 4 Recap and Review: Bubbling Feelings Return to the Surface

In the last episode, Su-ho is left confused about Hyeon-seo’s claims that they would never have worked together as a couple and ends up questioning why she thinks something like that. Meanwhile, K’s growing feelings for Hyeon-seo result in Su-ho’s jealousy as the three of them start to stay under the same roof in the name of making music for Su-ho’s YouTube company.

Soundtrack #2 or 사운드트랙#2 stars Geum Sae-rok and Steve Noh in lead roles, along with K-pop artist Demian. Geum Sae-rok was last seen in successful dramas such as The Interest of Love, Youth of May and Joseon Exorcist. Meanwhile, Steve Noh was last seen in Behind Every Star, Curtain Call and Pachinko.

The new Korean drama series will stream on Disney+ from December 06, 2023, to December 20, 2023. The series is expected to have 6 episodes, and two episodes will be released every Wednesday at 1.30 PM IST.

Soundtrack 2 Episode 4 Recap

The episode starts with Hyeon-seo explaining why their relationship wouldn’t have worked – they were two very different people, and Su-ho’s dreams didn’t align with her. She further mentions that she regretted staying with him for 2 more years after realising that she wanted to get out, which annoys Su-ho, who mentions that she always kept her head to the ground, but it didn’t work in her favour. However, she refuses to listen to him and asks him not to pity her.

Su-ho asks her whether she is working with him only for the money, and she agrees frustratedly that she left him for money and she is now working with her ex for the same reason. She asks him not to take this too personally and he tells her the same – to not think about K’s feelings too much since it is his project and he has the most to lose here.

After a rather difficult night, K asks Hyeon-seo the next morning whether she would be interested in going to the record store with him. She agrees when an equally glum Su-ho arrives, ready to go to work, and K asks him whether he is okay or not. Right then, Chang-sik arrives at the house and is surprised to find the other two there. He screams at him for working during his time off but then wonders whether having Hyeon-seo at the house is actually a good idea for him. Either way, Su-ho quickly ushers the other two out of the house the moment Chang-sik tries to talk to them about his health issues.

Still From Soundtrack #2 Episode 4
Still From Soundtrack #2 Episode 4

On his way to drop them off, Su-ho cancels his appointment and decides to spend time with the two of them, but that turns out to be a bad idea as he collapses on the ground, thanks to his tinnitus. Hyeon-seo is extremely concerned for his well-being and tries to take care of him as K runs off to buy water so that Su-ho can take his medicine. That night, the two sit at the table and share a civil conversation together for once, which pushes Hyeon-seo into deep thought.

The next day, the three of them go on location to shoot, and K asks Hyeon-seo about her past relationship with Su-ho before telling her something that leaves her dumbfounded. That night, she decides to go back home, and Su-ho goes to Jin-gyeong’s bar with her in order to help them out. It’s an awkward moment afterwards as Chang-sik and Jin-gyeong discuss why the other two should end up together.

To run away from an awkward encounter, Su-ho and Hyeon-seo go out for a walk, and she apologises to him for ending things the way that she did. He mentions that he understands, and they share a laugh together before dropping her home. Just when he is about to walk off, it starts raining, and the two of them take refuge in her house and drink together. As they all say, nothing good happens that late at night, and they drunkenly end up playing piano together, after which he opens up to her about his feelings.

He tells her that he truly resented her for breaking his heart and wanted to pay her back tenfold for the pain that she caused him, but he can’t do that to her. He ends up kissing her, and the two hug each other as they both cry.

Soundtrack 2 Episode 4 Bonus Track

Back at the shooting location, K confesses his feelings for her and tells her that he felt that something was missing while making this song. However, when she joined him in the song, something felt right, and everything clicked. He asks her to think about it and let him know later on.

Soundtrack 2 Episode 4 Review

Is it weird to root for these two to be endgame, considering both desperately need some good therapy? I can’t help but ship them heavily because there’s something about the two characters’ chemistry that really works. I don’t see the same chemistry with Demian’s K, who feels like a younger brother than anything else. If cliches are to be believed, then, of course, Su-ho and Hyeon-seo will end up together. However, will we be left surprised by the ending? Maybe. Considering we only have two more episodes to go, it makes me sad that we have to bid farewell to the drama this soon. Hopefully, we get a happy ending.

The series is streaming on Disney+.

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