Single’s Inferno Season 3 Episodes 4 and 5 Review: New Face and Drama Sum Up This Week’s Episodes!

In the last episode, the contestants realised that there are two islands with different people who are in their own competitions! As the hosts and the participants come to terms with this revelation, all the participants start to feel out with whom they match. However, with a fast-paced matching process that starts as soon as everyone arrives on the island, the competition is fierce, and the feelings are burning high and fast!

What will this week’s episodes bring?

In the third season of the show, AKA 솔로지옥 3, we are back on the deserted island (and a new location) with rapper Hanhae, Hong Jin-kyung, actor Lee Da-hee and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun as MCs. Joining them is Dex, or breakout star Kim Jin-young, Season 2’s most popular wild card entry who had all the women swooning. The group of singles this time in Single’s Inferno 3 are Kim Gyu-ri, Choi Hye-seon, Choi Min-woo, Lee Jin-seok, An Min-young, and Lee Gwan-hee in the first group. The second group consists of Park Min-kyu, Son Won-ik, Yun Ha-bin, Yun Ha-jeong, and Yu Si-eun. The show was created by Kim Jae-won, Kim Jung-hyun and Kim Na-hyun. 

Cho Min-ji joins the cast as a wild card entry in episode 5.

Single’s Inferno Season 3 Episode 4 Recap

In this episode, the participants get to know that the two Infernos will be merging together. There’s excitement, anticipation and a little fear in the air, and the tension when everyone finally comes together is quite uncomfortable. Thankfully, the tension and awkwardness is cut through with the help of a couple game that will help the winners win a special meal.

single's inferno season 3 episodes 4 and 5

The first game is couple squats, and after around 100 squats, Won-sik & Ha-jeong beat Gyu-ri & Jin-seok to win a meal of lobsters and cold beer while the other couples will also go on a one-on-one date. Gwan-hee finds himself more attracted to Hye-seon, while Jin-seok continues to win Min-young’s (and the hosts’) heart. Later on, they all get to enjoy a delicious barbeque and Hye-seon and Ha-jeong fight over Gwan-hee covertly. Soon, they are asked to choose the people they are interested in by delivering candy under their names in mailboxes.

It’s a mixture of surprises for everyone, but it’s Ha-bin’s results that leave him and the hosts surprised! In the end, Gyu-ri won the voting with 4 votes and Ha-bin with 5. Later that night, the group discussed over drinks how many candies everyone got to gauge where everyone was at.

Single’s Inferno Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

Gwan-hee has a lapse in judgment at this stage and points to the women he is interested in in a weird way, which leaves a sour taste in the hosts’ mouths. However, he does get to speak to Gyu-ri alone, but the other two women are put off by his interest in Gyu-ri. In the midst, Min-kyu also feels put off by Gwan-hee for going after someone Gwan-hee knows he is interested in.

Later on, Jin-seok and Min-young clear the air about her giving away 4 candies. He tells her that he will give her space so that she can get to know the other men. However, although she wants to get to know the others, it becomes clear that she doesn’t want him to see other women. The confusing implications leave the hosts annoyed.

The next day, after breakfast, there’s a roundtable at the women’s quarters wherein Gwan-hee’s schemes come out in the open as all the women talk candidly about the men and who is interested in whom. The hosts predict that in spite of the anger, Ha-jeong will end up with Gwan-hee in the end.

Later on in the day, everyone sits down for sweet potatoes, and while Min-woo and Si-eun make eye contact, Gwan-hee and Ha-jeong continue to fight, and it seems like she truly has eyes only for him. Just then, the game asks Min-woo to go to the other side of the island – Cho Min-ji, a new participant, is waiting for him. Eventually, all the men meet her, much to the chagrin of the women. The women find her a game changer, and it seems like the men do as well.

single's inferno season 3 episodes 4 and 5

Soon after, an announcement comes for picking a partner for Paradise but with a twist – Min-ji will pick two participants and go to Paradise straight away. The prospect leaves everyone confused, considering Paradise is quite an intimate place. As the hosts predict that Gwan-hee is going to be chosen in the end, Min-ji chooses Min-woo and Jin-seok. The MCs all break out in cheers and claps!

Next, Ha-jeong gives Gwan-hee a piece of her mind after his disrespectful behaviour towards the women. The MCs are all excited to see her put him in his place, and everything that she says is on point with the MCs and our thoughts. However, everyone is left to wonder whether Gwan-hee likes Ha-joeng enough to keep his ego aside for her and take a step forward or whether he will start to keep her at arm’s length from now on.

Meanwhile, Min-ji is asked to choose a person to have a dinner date with and another to have a pool date with. The MCs mention that it is a very important choice since important things happen at the pool, and everyone erupts in laughter as they point to Jin-young’s own experience in season 2. Anyway, Min-ji chooses Min-woo for the dinner date, which goes a little awkwardly. However, things go very well with Jin-seok, with whom Min-ji has a very interesting conversation, which ends up in him telling her that his ideal type isn’t in Inferno “anymore”. At Inferno, in the meantime, Min-young feels unhappy with Jin-seok gone.

In the last scene, we see Jin-seok and Min-ji having fun at the pool, and he more or less tells her that he is only interested in her at the moment.

Single’s Inferno Season 3 Episodes 4 and 5 Review

I am disappointed that we get to see only one game in two huge episodes (each around 90 minutes long!). Although we do get to see delicious moments between the contestants filled with drama, it’s the games that really get the blood pumping for most people. The introduction of a new member was imminent, considering there were only 5 women and 6 men. Min-ji seems like she will shake things up a bit, but considering her connection with Jin-seok, things will be restricted to only one particular couple.

All in all, it’s a pair of good episodes, and Ha-jeong’s throwdown was probably the highlight, but I am left a bit disappointed with the constant bickering. Thankfully, it didn’t turn into a war between the women, and they talked it out with each other instead of going off on Gwan-hee’s empty words!

The first three episodes of the new season are streaming on Netflix.

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