Single’s Inferno Season 3 Episode 9 Review: Exhausting Contestants Make For an Infuriating Watch

In the last episode, we saw an intense Chicken Fight between the women as they fight for the last chance to go to Paradise before the final deciding day. Meanwhile, Gwan-hee grows his connection with Min-ji as they both seem to be quite taken with each other, although it doesn’t mean that he cares for Hye-seon any less. Who wins the fight this time because, as it turns out, the three qualifiers are all into Gwan-hee!

In the third season of the show, AKA 솔로지옥 3, we are back on the deserted island (and a new location) with rapper Hanhae, Hong Jin-kyung, actor Lee Da-hee and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun as MCs. Joining them is Dex, or breakout star Kim Jin-young, Season 2’s most popular wild card entry who had all the women swooning. The group of singles this time in Single’s Inferno 3 are Kim Gyu-ri, Choi Hye-seon, Choi Min-woo, Lee Jin-seok, An Min-young, and Lee Gwan-hee in the first group. The second group consists of Park Min-kyu, Son Won-ik, Yun Ha-bin, Yun Ha-jeong, and Yu Si-eun. The show was created by Kim Jae-won, Kim Jung-hyun and Kim Na-hyun. 

Single’s Inferno 3 Episode 9 Recap

In the fight, Min-ji goes down first, followed by Ha-jeong. Hye-seon wins the fight by ducking away from Ha-jeong’s onslaught, leaving everyone feeling bad for her. Min-ji promptly starts crying afterwards. Either way, the MCs discuss how Gwan-hee’s choices always depend on what the other person is doing for him and not because of his own feelings.

Either way, Si-eun and Min-woo finally get a chance to chat without interruptions, and both open up with each other quite naturally. Gwan-hee also talks to Min-ji, and it’s a rather confusing conversation wherein they discuss how they cannot go with others or can’t get in hot tubs. Ha-jeong rants to Jin-seok and asks for his advice on getting him back. They later have a conversation with the people they are interested in, and Gwan-hee confesses that he feels distant from her.

Still From Single's Inferno Season 3 Episode 9

Gwan-hee then talks to Hye-seon and badgers her about Won-ik, which the MCs (and I) take offence to because he constantly beats around the bush instead of being honest about his feelings with himself and others and stringing two/three women along. In a talking head, Gwan-hee mentions that he is pretty set on Min-ji and going to Paradise with Hye-seon will sway him, so you know, gotta give him credit for that, I guess.

At the couple matching, Hye-seon chooses Gwan-hee, Ha-jeong chooses Ha-bin, and Min-ji chooses Min-kyu. On the helicopter ride, Min-ji taps on Gwan-hee’s arm asking for attention or something in front of everyone else, and he decides to ignore her, resulting in her bawling her eyes out right then and there. Min-kyu ends up giving her his shirt to wipe her tears with.

On the date, Hye-seon tells Gwan-hee about her unwavering feelings for him and their conversation goes smoothly as they clear the air. Meanwhile, after the devastatingly awkward helicopter ride, Min-ji continues to cry and whine about Gwan-hee instead of having a conversation with another person.

Anyway, Gwan-hee gets into the hot tub with Hye-seon, who asks him who she would choose. He gives her a non-answer and beats around the bush. At least Hye-seon takes it lightly. That night, as they are about to sleep, Gwan-hee asks Hye-seon to sleep in the same bed as him, making her blush.

Single’s Inferno Season 3 Episode 9 Review

Gwan-hee is starting to really get on my nerves. I gave him the benefit of the doubt till the last episode but the way he is pushing Ha-jeong around is extremely unfair. The gaslighting is through the roof, and he constantly makes her question herself and gives her hope instead of telling her upfront that he’s not into her. The real MVP couple for me this season has been Min-woo and Si-eun. Their sweet conversations make things extremely romantic, and there are no games involved.

Still From Single's Inferno Season 3 Episode 9

I do not understand Gwan-hee’s general behaviour other than the explanation that he is extremely toxic. Constantly asking for validation, keeping women on their toes giving them hope and being extremely disrespectful towards anyone and everyone is just not good TV. I mean, sure, one might say that these are grown women who should disassociate themselves but toxic behaviour cannot be forgiven by blaming victims. I guess I am ranting at this point, but his behaviour, even under the romanticised lens of Korean reality TV, is extremely triggering. I wish the MCs would point it out better, but it’s quite disappointing that they try to understand his POV many times.

Gwan-hee exhausts me. Hye-seon deserves better.

On the other hand, Min-ji’s general behaviour is just childish. Having come into the show last, she was interested in Jin-seok for a few days and is now so taken with Gwan-hee that she cries the moment she doesn’t get to have him. It’s weird and disrespectful, especially the way she behaved in the helicopter. Not only did she disrespect Hye-seon, with whom Gwan-hee is going to Paradise, she thoroughly disrespected Min-kyu, whom she brought along on this awkward ride.

The series is streaming on Netflix.

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