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Perry Fenwick Illness And Health 2023: What Happened To EastEnders Star?

Many are concerned about Perry Fenwick illness and health after the EastEnders star recently shared his near-death experiences.

Perry Fenwick is a renowned English actor who is best known for his role as Billy Mitchell in the BBC soap opera EastEnders.

The East London native has been playing the role since 1998. Although Fenwick is widely recognized for his role in EastEnders, his legacy extends far beyond it.

With his career spanning over four decades, the 61-year-old has worked in several other television series or sitcoms, including The Bill, Watching, On the Up, and many others.

The East London-born actor’s fans and well-wishers are worried about his health. But what happened to him? Is he sick? Find it out below.

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Perry Fenwick Illness And Health 2023

Perry Fenwick, a renowned actor, has not officially reported any current health issues or illnesses.

The actor has remained silent about his health status, which has led to speculation and concern among his fans and well-wishers.

Perry Fenwick Illness
There has been no official report about Perry Fenwick Illness and health. (Image Source: Irish Mirror)

Earlier this year, Fenwick shared some harrowing near-death experiences from his past, which may have sparked these concerns.

Despite these past incidents, it’s important to note that the 61-year-old actor is currently in good health.

While it’s natural for fans to worry about their favorite actors, in Fenwick’s case, they can rest assured.

Nonetheless, if there are any issues in Fenwick’s health, they would be officially shared by the actor or his representatives. Until then, let’s enjoy his performances and wish him continued good health.

Perry Fenwick Revealed That He Nearly Died, Twice

Fenwick shared his near-death experiences from his youth in a podcast earlier this year. He disclosed that he was electrocuted and fell off a bridge as a young boy.

He revealed that he was quite prone to accidents. His youthful misadventures often resulted in hospital visits, painting a picture of a daring and adventurous spirit.

One particular incident that stands out occurred when he was just three years old.

In a moment of childlike curiosity, the actor who was playing with soapy water thought how interesting it would be to put his three fingers in the water and put them in that plug hole in the wall.

Perry Fenwick Illness
Perry Fenwick revealed his near death experiences earlier this year. (Image Source: The Mirror)

The resulting electric shock sent him flying across the room, much to the shock of his mother who was watching television at the time.

The aftermath of this incident was quite visible – the palms of his hands turned black and remained so for about six months.

Childhood Dare Of Perry Fenwick And First Acting Experience

In another accident, the EastEnders star recounted an incident where he fell off a 30-foot railway bridge after accepting a dare from his friends to walk over the arch of the bridge.

This event marked the first time he tested his acting skills, as he decided to play dead after the fall.

The bridge was located near his home, and it was a common dare among the local children to walk over its arch.

During one such dare, Fenwick lost his balance and fell about 25 to 30 feet. Fortunately, he landed on a soft mud bank next to a small stream running underneath the bridge.

As he lay there, he could hear his friends and a girl he fancied approaching. At that moment, he decided to play dead, hoping to gauge their reactions.

However, his stunt did not impress his friends. Instead of the concern he hoped for, he ended up with a rock thrown at his head as they tried to determine if he was alive before calling the police.

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