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Nara (NTORE) Profile and Facts

Nara (NTORE) Profile and Facts

Nara (나라/なら)
is a member of the live idol group NTORE based in South Korea. She was revealed as a member on August 20, 2023.

Official Accounts:
Twitter: @NTORE_Nara
Naver Blog: 나라

Stage Name: Nara (나라/なら)
Birth Name: –
Positions: –
Birthday: September 6
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 158cm (5’2″)
Weight: –
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Korean
Representative Emoji: 🧀
Representative Color: Yellow

Nara Facts:
– She was the fourth member of NTORE to be revealed; she was added on August 20th, 2023.
– Her member hashtags are #나랑노랑 (#NarangNorang) and #나랑먹장 (#NarangMeogjang).
– She is the only member whose costume has shorts instead of a skirt.
– Nickname: UriNara (우리나라)
– In NTORE She is responsible for choreography.
– Some things she does when she’s bored at home include: playing games, watching tv, reading, or sleeping.
– The first she does when she wakes up and the last thing she does when she goes to sleep is check Pokémon Sleep.
– Even though she’s is taller than Yui, people tell her that she looks like the shorter one.
– Some of the Korean groups she listens to are IZ*ONE, Red Velvet, Oh My Girl, and WJSN.
– She listens to a lot of Jpop but she particularly likes YOASOBI, ≠ME, Cho♡Tokimeki Sendenbu, Pastel*Palettes, and HKT48.
– She likes a lot of movies so it was difficult for her to choose a “life movie”.
– Her favorite foods ranked are: #1; Shabu-shabu, #2; Hotpot, Steamed Chicken, meat, and some kind of ramen, #3; Chicken, Pizza, Tteokkbokki, and #0; fruit.
– Her favorite actresses are Kanna HashimotoSatomi Ishihara, Park Boyoung, and  Kim Taeri.
– One of her habits is covering her mouth when she laughs.
– She doesn’t like vegetables, grass, or salad.
– Her “life songs” are NTORE‘s “summer☆soda☆recipe”, Cho♡Tokimeki Sendenbu‘s “Tomorrow Saikyuu Setsu!!”, SIX LOUNGE‘s “rica”.
– Some of her hobbies are watching baseball, dancing, playing games, reading, and sleeping.
– Her favorite season is spring.
– The time she’s most active is at dawn.
– She doesn’t watch Youtube a lot; she only watches Fancams and Cooking videos.
– Her favorite colors are yellow and pink she also likes pastel colors a lot.
– She likes most fruits but especially strawberries, watermelons, peaches, and cherries.
– The only fruits she wont eat are kiwi and pineapple.
– She usually eats 1-2 meals a day.
– She doesn’t eat breakfast.
– Some of the games she enjoys playing are Overwatch, Sun Haven, Overcooked!, and Genshin Impact.
– If she could choose a superpower she would choose Teleportation.
– The oldest thing she has is a doll she got for Christmas when she was about 4 years old.
– She doesn’t like Mint Choco Ice Cream.
– She has a Aya Maruyama Nendoroid.
– Her favorite animals are dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, etc.
– Her favorite flowers are freesia.
– She listens to a lot of Vocaloid and likes Hatsune Miku.
– Something she’s better at than others at is doing a Crayon Shinchan voice imitation.
– She enjoys watching Anime.
– Some places she wants to visit are Japan, Canada,  and the United States.
– She plays a lot of Animal Crossing
– Her favorite Sanrio characters are My Melody and Pompompurin,
– She writes stuff down a lot because she forgets easily.
– She describes herself as a “lazy perfectionist”
– She has a scar on her forehead from when she fell off her bed and hit her head on a dresser when she was younger.
– The first time she saw fanart of her she saved it right away and kept looking at it, as well as bragged to her mom and her friends because of how happy she was.
– She would rather go out with friends than alone.
– She doesn’t get angry often.
– Shoe Size: 250
– Specialty: procrastination.

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