My Man is Cupid Episode 8 Recap and Review: The Anticipated Kiss Happened But It’s Super Wrong!

My Man is Cupid Episode 8 Recap and ReviewMy Man is Cupid (내 남자는 큐피드) has finally come out this December 2023 with a stunning cast and a great plot. The series is directed by Nam Tae-jin, who is known for his hit dramas such as Jinx, Beautiful Gong Shim, overs of the Red Sky, Joseon Exorcist, etc, and he has worked along with scriptwriter Heo Seung-hee (renowned for One More Happy Ending) for this series. The main cast includes Jang Dang-yoon, Nana and Park Ki-woong.

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My Man is Cupid Plot

Cheon Sang-hyuk, a charming fairy renowned for his ability to enchant women and men, endured a tragic event 500 years ago when his wings were scorched. In a quest for wing restoration, he underwent 27 transformative experiences. However, his 28th attempt becomes entangled with the life of Oh Baek-ryun.

Baek-ryun, a striking woman working as a veterinarian in an animal clinic, grapples with a peculiar curse. Men smitten by her charm inevitably face near-death experiences, leading them to end their relationships abruptly. Despite her undeniable allure, Baek Ryun refrains from pursuing romantic entanglements, hoping to cross paths with a man destined to be her true love.

– My Man is Cupid Episode 8 Review Contains Spoilers –

My Man is Cupid Episode 8 Recap

The episode starts with a flashback of Sang-hyuk’s search for the serial killer back in 1993. When he almost got the killer, his body encountered the final metamorpheses and he went missing for years until he returned again. Since nobody except his fellow cupid friends and the manager knows about his real identity, people wonder why he went missing for a certain period. Definitely, Jae-hee suspects that he is hiding something important. Regardless, Sang-hyuk joins Jae-hee and the latter agrees to work together.

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Sang-hyuk reveals about the red books and the titles associated with sins the women committed, leading the killer to target and murder them. However, Jeong-ah was murdered without receiving a book and this is a reason why Sang-hyuk’s confused about. Maybe she was killed due to witnessing some other women’s death. This also makes Sang-hyuk understand that just like how the killer is after Baek-ryun, he would have killed Jeong-ah.

Sang-hyuk also says Jae-hee that the man they sketched via Baek-ryun’s hypnosis isn’t the right one because the killer is wearing a prosthetic mask. Jae-hee does believe Sang-hyuk but feels skeptic about him. When the two visit one victim’s family, they recognise Sang-hyuk but he denies knowing them. Later in the episode, Jae-hee gets a mail with Sang-hyuk’s old cop photos, making him question why Sang-hyuk hid the fact he used to be working in the 1993 case back then.

Meanwhile, Baek-ryun finds it hard to stop thinking about Sang-hyuk and becomes lovesick. The hug they both shared confuse her and she keeps wondering why he hasn’t reverted back. Do-ra tries to knock sense into her but she keeps thinking about him. In fact, she even lies to make him pick her up but he gets busy in the case. When she tries to confront him, she decides to make him jealous and hops on a ride with Jae-hee to her home. Jae-hee requests her to not give her heart soon. Sang-hyuk watches them two from a distance.

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A still from the series “My Man is Cupid”

Baek-ryun, gets drunk with Jae-hee one night and he drops the heavily drunk woman at her house. But shortly after that, she calls Sang-hyuk and drops by his house. The next morning, Do-ra reminds her of her atrocities the previous night and she remembers pecking Sang-hyuk’s cheek and feels awkward. At the police station, Sang-hyuk tries to reunite a married couple and so he goes to another building, fixes his cupid sniper and shoots the arrow. Jae-hee misinterprets and aims his gun at him, demanding an answer about his real identity.

The episode ends with a flashback showing the night Baek-ryun kissed on Sang-hyuk’s cheek. It’s revealed that after her peck, Sang-hyuk pulls her in for a kiss and the two share a passionate moment. His friend Dong-chil/Ddaeng-chil watches them and feels happy for his friend.

My Man is Cupid Episode 8 Review

Yes, the kiss has finally come but it didn’t sit well. She’s drunk and he kissed her—quite odd isn’t it? Though she initiated a peck, it doesn’t justify the kiss and it didn’t feel romantic enough given she doesn’t even remember it. I really hope the writers realise what sort of a mistake they did. She will be happy when she gets to learn about the kiss given she loves him but that doesn’t justify kissing a drunk woman who’s not having a control over herself. So far the series was doing good, but this scene is a big loss!

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A still from the series “My Man is Cupid”

My Man is Cupid is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Let us know your thoughts on the series in the comment section.

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