My Man is Cupid Episode 6 Recap and Review: Baek-ryun Gets Glimpses of Her Past Lover

My Man is Cupid Episode 6 Recap and ReviewMy Man is Cupid (내 남자는 큐피드) has finally come out this December 2023 with a stunning cast and a great plot. The series is directed by Nam Tae-jin, who is known for his hit dramas such as Jinx, Beautiful Gong Shim, overs of the Red Sky, Joseon Exorcist, etc, and he has worked along with scriptwriter Heo Seung-hee (renowned for One More Happy Ending) for this series. The main cast includes Jang Dang-yoon, Nana and Park Ki-woong.

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The story follows the life of Cheon Sang-hyuk (Jang Dang-yoon), a fairy whose wings get burned. To restore his wing back he falls in love 27 times (metamorphoses) and finally meets his 28th love Baek-ryun (Nana), a veterinarian. Baek-ryun is an exemplary and attractive woman for whom many men fall however whenever she dates them, they almost die. Will Sang-hyuk and Baek-ryun have a chance at love given their problems?

Jang Dang-yoon was last seen in Daily Dose of Sunshine (2023). Afterschool’s Nana was last seen in Mask Girl (2023). The last work of Park Ki-woong was Pandora: Beneath the Paradise (2023).

My Man is Cupid Plot

Cheon Sang-hyuk, a charming fairy renowned for his ability to enchant women and men, endured a tragic event 500 years ago when his wings were scorched. In a quest for wing restoration, he underwent 27 transformative experiences. However, his 28th attempt becomes entangled with the life of Oh Baek-ryun.

Baek-ryun, a striking woman working as a veterinarian in an animal clinic, grapples with a peculiar curse. Men smitten by her charm inevitably face near-death experiences, leading them to end their relationships abruptly. Despite her undeniable allure, Baek Ryun refrains from pursuing romantic entanglements, hoping to cross paths with a man destined to be her true love.

– My Man is Cupid Episode 6 Review Contains Spoilers –

My Man is Cupid Episode 6 Recap

Baek-ryun unsurprisingly chooses Sang-hyuk to leave for her home, causing Jae-hee’s jealousy meter to zoom up. To make things even worse for him, his colleagues tease behind his back how for the first time a woman chose another handsome man over Jae-hee. Jae-hee gets quite upset over her act but is determined to make his next move much more efficiently. Regardless, his mind is first solely fixed on finding the killer.

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Sang-hyuk and Baek-ryun start getting closer throughout this episode. Sang-hyuk unconsciously starts to overprotect Baek-ryun and make her feel the butterflies in her tummy. From picking her up from work every day to dropping her at home so that the killer can stay away, his polite actions make her fall for him harder and harder. Is he feeling the same? Absolutely, however, his first intention is to keep her safe but definitely he’s in love with her, given the way he despises Jae-hee getting closer to her.

The killer notices Sang-hyuk’s actions and fails to get rid of Baek-ryun. Meanwhile, Jae-hee buys the theory of Sang-hyuk as the connection between the 1993 high school girls’ murder and Eun-seo’s match. Sang-hyuk previously gave him a red book that was found in the 1993 case. To see whether the book has anything to do with Eun-seo’s case as well, he drops by her home and inspects. Surprisingly he finds a similar notebook titled “Adultery’.

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A still from the series “My Man is Cupid”

He discusses it with the detective who handled the 1993 case and learns that the killer gives out such notebooks to the victims, 24 hours before he kills them. The saddest thing is that Jeong-ah didn’t receive such a book but she was killed, making the cops wonder why he chose her. Jae-hee also learns that the senior detective who failed to find the criminal killed himself due to shame. Jae-hee becomes more determined to find the killer.

Somehow every trail leads the cops back again to the same possible suspect, Eun-seo’s affair. Though the man is cleared off, the cops can’t let him out of their gaze as he seems to be matching most of the pieces of evidence. But Jae-hee feels that there might be another killer out there who is trying to frame this man as the bad guy. None of the detectives accept Jae-hee’s assumption. During an interrogation, Baek-ryun is asked to participate in hypnosis to collect her memories.

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In her memories she indeed watches Eun-seo getting drugged by a man wearing a black puffer jacket. Her details once again hint at Eun-seo’s affair. She also says that there was another girl with her on the bus who saw the scene. When the police approach she rejects taking part in the investigation as the witnesses are being murdered. Additionally, Baek-ryun collects the memory of her past life, looking at Jae-hee, the King with deary eyes.

She opens her eyes and looks at the current Jae-hee and wonders why she saw a man like him looking like a King in her memories. Towards the end of the episode as well, another glimpse of Jae-hee from the past flashes before her eyes, making her concerned. The episode closes with Sang-hyuk taking Baek-ryun and her friend back to their apartment as they failed to listen to his words. The friend teases them two to spend the night together so he can protect her. Baek-ryun asks Sang-hyuk whether he’d like to come up to her apartment and he stands frozen.

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My Man is Cupid Episode 6 Review

Not much about the killer is shown but more light is being shed on the businessman who had an affair with Eun-seo. Seems like she was also pregnant when she died and the man claims he isn’t the father. Could there be another killer or is it this same pal who is hiding in broad daylight? Why was Jeong-ah killed when she wasn’t even a planned victim of the killer? Could it be because she was misunderstood for someone else or could it be because she was killed during an act of saving someone else? Answers to these questions will be provided in the further episodes.

Baek-ryun will recollect all her memories from the past and of course it’d be filled with Jae-hee. Her feelings for Sang-hyuk might start to shake as she might get more inclined towards Jae-hee, her past lover. This might alarm Sang-hyuk and he might repeat history once again by splitting the destined couple. But this time Baek-ryun is destined for Sang-hyuk but he won’t be aware of it. There are chances of him even letting her go for the sake of the sin he did back then.

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A still from the series “My Man is Cupid”

My Man is Cupid is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Let us know your thoughts on the series in the comment section.

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