My Demon Episode 9 Recap and Review: The True Antagonist Is Revealed! 

My Demon Episode 9 Recap and Review: In the last episode, we see Gu-won and Do-hee dealing with the problems of their married life. When Do-hee decides to give up on her claim to the Chairman’s throne, Gu-won expresses his feelings for her, and they kiss each other, finally bringing their true feelings for one another out in the open.

My Demon (마이 데몬) is directed by Kim Jang-han, and Kwon Da-som and written by Choi Ah-il. Kim Yoo-jung, Song Kang, Lee Sang-yi, and Kim Hae-sook will play primary roles in this series. The show is produced by Lee Jae-woo, Yoon Geon-hee and Ahn Young-in, and the production houses are Studio S and Binge Works.

My Demon now claims the Friday and Saturday 22:00 time slot on SBS, succeeding the broadcast previously held by The Escape of the Seven.

We have previously seen Kim Yoo Jung in successful ventures like Love in the Moonlight, Backstreet Rookie, Lovers of the Red Sky, etc. And, we have seen our hero Song Kang in series like Love Alarm, Sweet Home, Navillera, Nevertheless, etc.

– My Demon Episode 9 Review Contains Spoilers –

My Demon Episode 9 Recap

My Demon Episode 9 Recap and Review The True Antagonist Is Revealed! 

The episode starts with Gu-won and Do-hee kissing each other and later, we also see that Gu-won has got his powers back. The next day, they decide to spend a loving date together where both of them just keep each other company, indulging in menial activities. While enjoying themselves, suddenly, we see someone clicking their pictures discreetly, who happens to be Soo-an, trying to get dirt on Do-hee. But not everything is right as Do-hee still remains scared of the music that the killer played when he attacked her. But Gu-won was there to make the mood lighter by making her dance to the tune and get her over the fear. 

Somewhere else, we see how Seok-min is trying to hurry with the chairman election process, and we get a glimpse of his past. A young Seok-min is seen looking for his mother and finding her madly, trying to wash off her sin. This is a mysterious act that makes even us suspicious of her. While riding the car, it was portrayed as if Do-gyeong got a message from the killer, but then again, we were shown another figure who seemed to be the real Abraxas.

Elsewhere, Do-hee and Gu-won are quickly called to the office because the paper for withdrawal from the Chairwoman’s position has reached Do-hee’s office. Gu-won convinces her to not sign the papers before watching the face of the killer, but when he tries to use his power, it again dwindles. At that moment, Seok-hoon comes in and sees both of them holding each other’s hands, especially the tattooed part. His suspicion is strengthened, and he tries to get information from Do-hee but fails. He also talks with Gu-won but fails to intimidate him again. There, Gu-won acknowledges he will not sit by idly and let the killer run free.

My Demon Episode 9 Recap and Review The True Antagonist Is Revealed! 

Gu-won then goes to his newfound minions of gangsters and tells them to find the killer based on a sketch he obtained from the police station after giving them the description of the killer’s face. Back in his office, he is confronted by Ga-young, who still cannot accept that Gu-won is in love with someone else. Gu-won strictly warns her not to interfere in his life, but she does not listen to him.

On the other hand, Do-hee and her secretary finally share a drink where they talk about their life problems. Hilariously, they get drunk, and Bok-gyu has to take care of Da-jeong while Gu-won takes a drunk Do-hee home.

Both the police and the gangsters finally locate the killer, but it is too late. We see the main culprit, and it is none other than Seok-min. He’s the one giving directions to the killer, killing his own mother and now that the killer’s identity has been leaked, Seok-min burns the killer alive in his hideout. 

The police arrive at the scene, but they find a burned corpse stabbed with the same knife that Gu-won got stabbed with. Seeing that, Gu-won realises that he has been spied on, and all the information about him is being transferred to the actual antagonist. While Gu-won was having this conversation with Bok-gyu, he was informed that after one day it would be a full moon, and he could get his powers back, so Gu-won should act cautiously. But that is when Gu-won finds out that all his clocks have been stopped. He suspects that he has become entirely powerless.

To get answers, Gu-won goes to the mysterious beggar. She takes him to a pub and reveals herself to be God. God then tells Gu-won he is slowly becoming a human and will soon die, and the only way he can get his powers back is if Do-hee dies. Simultaneously, somewhere else, Ga-young reveals Gu-won’s identity as a demon to Seok-hoon.

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My Demon Episode 9 Recap and Review The True Antagonist Is Revealed! 

My Demon Episode 9 Review

The plot thickens and now we finally have an answer to who is the real villain. The first half was definitely sweet and happy as Do-hee and Gu-won experienced a much-needed lovey-dovey time. But that comes to an end with the info that the killer was not the main culprit. And now, in the end, we see that Do-hee will have to die for Gu-won to live. Such despair! 

Only the future will tell what might happen to both of them. But yes, definitely stay tuned for the next episode. 

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