Mika Dela Cruz Nash Aguas, Mika Dela Cruz Illness, What Happened To Mika Dela?

Mika Dela Cruz Nash Aguas: In the dynamic realm of Philippine showbiz, Mika Dela Cruz has been a prominent figure, showcasing her talents as an actress, singer, and model. However, recent events have led to a significant shift in her life, prompting her departure from showbiz and a deep dive into the challenges of her health. Here is what we know.

Mika Dela Cruz Nash Aguas
Mika Dela Cruz Nash Aguas

Mika Dela Cruz Nash Aguas: Mika Dela Cruz Illness:

Mika’s departure from the limelight was necessitated by health concerns. She candidly revealed being diagnosed with a thyroid disease affecting her memory and focus, as well as facing the daunting news of being diagnosed with what she described as “incurable diseases” in 2015.

The past four years marked the lowest point in Mika’s life, exacerbated by the loss of her father during the COVID-19 pandemic. The combination of health struggles and personal loss created a challenging period for the former child actress.

What Happened To Mika Dela?

Despite the initial despair, Mika’s journey took a remarkable turn. In a recent update, she shared the challenges she faced and the triumphs she achieved. Miraculously, she is now free from the once-deemed incurable diseases. This unexpected twist in her health narrative stands as a testament to her resilience and the power of hope.

In her quest for identity and peace, Mika found solace in a church fellowship. This spiritual rediscovery became the cornerstone of her newfound rest. The church, she claims, played a pivotal role in her healing process, both physically and emotionally.

Mika Dela Cruz: A Beacon of Resilience and Inspiration

Mika’s story transcends the boundaries of entertainment, evolving into a narrative of resilience, spiritual rediscovery, and triumph over health adversities. Her openness about her struggles provides hope and inspiration to others grappling with their challenges.

Mika Dela Cruz, born Mariko Nicolette on December 9, 1998, has left an indelible mark on the Philippine entertainment scene. Affiliated with GMA Network, her versatile roles in Goin’ Bulilit and Kara Mia showcase her talent and adaptability. Beyond the glitz and glamour of the industry, Mika stands as a relatable figure, navigating fame and personal growth with authenticity.


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