Maestra Episode 5 Recap and Review: Kim Phil’s Determination and Cha Se-eum’s Fear

Maestra Episode 5 Recap and Review: Jeong-jae has found Se-eum’s secret, how will this change their fate? Directed by Kim Jung-kwon, the drama stars Lee Young-ae, Lee Mo-saeng, Hwang Bo Reum-byeol, Kim Young-jae, Park Ho-san, and Yang Jun-mo, alongside other cast members.

Maestra Strings of Truth (마에스트라) tells the story of violinist Cha Se-eum who is now the conductor of an orchestra. While she has reached a stage that is envied by all with her hard work and passion, Se-eum has a secret that can change her life forever. And so it does when a mysterious case takes place in the orchestra and she takes a look into it. The drama is a remake of the French show Philharmonia which aired in 2019.

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The synopsis of the show reads:

A highly accomplished conductor decides to leave her life in New York behind to take up the challenge of reviving a struggling orchestra.

– Maestra Episode 5 Review Contains Spoilers –

Maestra Episode 5 Recap

Se-eum is confronted by Jeong-jae right before she walks onto the stage, but she has no time to waste and starts the show, which makes headlines soon after. However, all Se-eum can think about is what Jeong-jae told her and she rushes to meet him soon after the show. There she asks what he wants to keep her secret and he asks her to get a blood test done and confirm if she has the disease.

She denies this request and tells him that she is living on the hope that she doesn’t have Remington’s and doesn’t want this hope to shatter. The next day, she rushes to the doctor who is aware of her probability of inheriting the disease and tells her about the leak that has happened. She tells her to check what happened and leaves, only to meet eyes with her mother.

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She recalls the past when he mother went from mom to a person who wanted her dead. As she calms herself down before leaving, elsewhere, detectives arrive to meet Kim Phil. They tell him about the conspiracy behind the accident which leads him to A-jin who is no longer interested in maintaining a relationship with him.

Meanwhile, Se-eum lives in a continuous fear of inheriting Remington’s which could ruin her career. The next day, she is lured to have breakfast with Jeong-jae after which he also pulls her into his car and takes her to work. She ignores his antics and gets on with her day while he tries to contact neurosurgeons everywhere to find a cure for her disease.

The orchestra get back to their routine and A-jin makes her return to the team. Later, she threatens Se-eum that she will reveal her pregnancy to everyone only to be told that this revelation will only prove her status as an adultress. Meanwhile, Kim Phil has chosen to not let Se-eum go while Bong-ju escapes home with his mother’s help.

On the other hand, Jeong-jae gets the daily report on Se-eum through his spy Tae-ho, whereas Yoo-ra tries to get Se-eum and Kim Phil to take part in a documentary about their lives. However, her plan to infuriate Jeong-jae comes to a pause when Se-eum flat-out refuses to be part of the documentary.

Seeing this, Kim Phil assures her that Se-eum will take part in the documentary while Yoo-ra tells Jeong-jae that the two have agreed to be part of her documentary. This shatters Jeong-jae’s hopes as he remembers Tae-ho’s words that his caring actions may deem Se-eum an adulteress.

Meanwhile, Se-eum is called for lunch by her father but she arrives to see her husband having a meal with her father. She is shocked by this and sits through the meal in silence. Later, she tells her husband to sign the divorce papers soon as she will no longer go along with all this. However, she is shocked when he tells her that he is aware of her disease and will use it to ruin her career if she insists on getting a divorce.

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Maestra Episode 5 Ending

This makes her lose the last strand of hope in him and as she shreds the music sheet he gave her as a proposal, she is ready to teach him a lesson. The next day, she takes the pictures Jeong-jae has of her husband’s affair and sends them to his school where the principal asks him to resign before the news gets out.

Kim Phil is shocked but gets a call from Se-eum who tells him to sign the divorce peacefully as she is ready to face every consequence after the threat he gave her last night. The next day, she begins her routine at the orchestra when she suddenly feels water dripping on her face. This stuns her as she fears that the disease is showing its signs until the sprinklers go off and the whole room is filled with water.

She sighs in relief and comes out to check on everyone when suddenly she hears her mother’s voice who is brought in by Kim Phil.

Maestra Episode 5 Review

Episode 5 brought us a new face of Kim Phil’s which is no longer of Se-eum’s loving husband but of a man whose career is above all. After the success of the new concert, Kim Phil has once again tasted success and is not someone ready to let go of this sweetness. While he is showing all kinds of red flags, Jeong-jae is showing some green flag behaviour (or maybe it is so because of the comparison).

Jeong-jae is trying his best to get rid of Kim Phil and take care of Se-eum, especially after finding out about Remington’s disease. He is really worried for her and only wishes to get rid of her fears once and for all. However, none of these two can understand Se-eum’s fear of finding out if she has the disease.

Se-eum is in love with her career and no one can understand what knowing the truth would do to her, nor would they understand what she had to face when her mother started to show symptoms. Altogether, this is going to be a tough journey for Se-eum and we can expect a dramatic face-off between her and Kim Phil from here on.

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