Maestra Episode 4 Recap and Review: A Concert, An Accident, and A Conspiracy

Maestra Episode 4 Recap and Review: A concert is on the way, however, the news of A-jin’s pregnancy brings another wave of chaos. Directed by Kim Jung-kwon, the drama stars Lee Young-ae, Lee Mo-saeng, Hwang Bo Reum-byeol, Kim Young-jae, Park Ho-san, and Yang Jun-mo, alongside other cast members.

Maestra Strings of Truth (마에스트라) tells the story of violinist Cha Se-eum who is now the conductor of an orchestra. While she has reached a stage that is envied by all with her hard work and passion, Se-eum has a secret that can change her life forever. And so it does when a mysterious case takes place in the orchestra and she takes a look into it. The drama is a remake of the French show Philharmonia which aired in 2019.

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The synopsis of the show reads:

A highly accomplished conductor decides to leave her life in New York behind to take up the challenge of reviving a struggling orchestra.

– Maestra Episode 4 Review Contains Spoilers –

Maestra Episode 4 Recap

After putting together days and nights, Se-eum and Phil finally get somewhere with the composition when A-jin arrives with news of her pregnancy. A-jin expects Phil to understand what is at stake but is shocked by his attitude as he remains unfazed by her pregnancy. Meanwhile, the talks of mending their relationship go down the drain again as Se-eum keeps her focus on her work.

Elsewhere, Jeong-jae gets hold of Bong-ju after finding out that he was the one behind the scandal and makes sure he receives the right punishment for this. Meanwhile, Se-eum finally finishes the composition with Phil and leaves behind their divorce papers as she returns home.

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Soon, the rehearsal for the upcoming concert which is already the talk of the town. However, the scene behind shows contemplation as Phil needs to choose while Se-eun’s father asks her to meet her mother. But none of this stops the rehearsal that goes on without A-jin and Bong-ju, while the publicity for the same is in full force.

Finally, Se-eum achieves the perfection she aimed for during the rehearsals and is satisfied but everything comes to a stalemate when she gets into an accident. This happens when A-jin’s car dashes into Se-eum’s car and creates a serious accident. Se-eum wakes up in the hospital to see a nurse taking her blood which shocks her as she tries to leave as soon as possible.

Jeong-jae arrives right then and tries to stop her but it is only when she sees her father that she finally stops. Se-eum receives treatment for her injuries while A-jin is also relieved to know that her child is alright. Se-eum’s father then asks Jeong-jae and Phil to leave, unaware that Jeong-jae later reveals to Phil that A-jin is behind the incident.

This shocks Phil and he rushes to A-jin and blames her for harming Se-eum. A-jin is shocked by his behaviour and the two end the conversation on a bad note. Meanwhile, Se-eum’s father asks her to get a blood test to confirm if she has inherited her mother’s disease but she rejects his suggestion.

The next day, Se-eum tells Sang-do to get Hyun-seok’s to help out with the rehearsal for the concert so Sang-do can fulfil her wish. The practice for the concert continues while Se-eum recovers and looks over their rehearsal. One day, A-jin arrives to visit her and makes it clear that she did not mean to cause the accident but Se-eum is not ready to believe her.

Maestra Episode 4 Ending

Meanwhile, Jeong-jae tries to understand why Se-eum is against getting a blood test done as she had the same reaction years back when they were together. On the other hand, Se-eum gets discharged from the hospital while A-jin finds out that someone had deliberately tampered with the brakes in her car.

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As investigation for the same begins, A-jin suspects that Se-eum is behind her accident which brings the investigator to Se-eum. However, due to the lack of any evidence, there is not much that can be done. Soon, the stage for the concert is set up and Se-eum is ready to take the spotlight.

On the other hand, Jeong-jae arrives at the nursing home where Se-eum’s mother is admitted and finds out that she has Remington’s disease which has a 50% inheritance rate. This shocks Jeong-jae and he confronts Se-eum about the same right before she takes the stage.

Maestra Episode 4 Review

Another episode filled with ups and downs that make it clear that the biggest antagonist in all this mess is none other than Phil. While the two women make it clear what they want from him, he is only making things complicated because for him it is his career (Se-eum) against his wish (A-jin).

Meanwhile, Jeong-jae’s meddling in Se-eum’s privacy is going a little overboard which is making it clear why she is the way she is towards him. His obsession towards her is crossing all limits and it will be interesting to see how this turns out in the near future. I’m still hoping for him to be her support in a better way, and there are quite a few episodes to go for this to happen.

Finally, Se-eum’s fear of her mother’s condition is something that she needs to face someday and hopefully, this too happens soon so that she can look for ways to tackle it.

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