Maestra Episode 3 Recap and Review: A Fallen Relationship and a Scandal

Maestra Episode 3 Recap and Review: Cha Se-eum has come face-to-face with her husband’s secret affair, but how will she handle this situation during her rise? Directed by Kim Jung-kwon, the drama stars Lee Young-ae, Lee Mo-saeng, Hwang Bo Reum-byeol, Kim Young-jae, Park Ho-san, and Yang Jun-mo, alongside other cast members.

Maestra Strings of Truth (마에스트라) tells the story of violinist Cha Se-eum who is now the conductor of an orchestra. While she has reached a stage that is envied by all with her hard work and passion, Se-eum has a secret that can change her life forever. And so it does when a mysterious case takes place in the orchestra and she takes a look into it. The drama is a remake of the French show Philharmonia which aired in 2019.

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The synopsis of the show reads:

A highly accomplished conductor decides to leave her life in New York behind to take up the challenge of reviving a struggling orchestra.

– Maestra Episode 3 Review Contains Spoilers –

Maestra Episode 3 Recap

Jeong-jae finds out about Phil’s affair long before Se-eum, but tries to keep her away from this truth. However, A-jin is not ready to let go of Phil so easily and makes it so that Se-eum finds out about their affair. Se-eum is shocked by what she sees on the staircase and while she makes eye contact with Phil, she can no longer stay there.

Jeong-jae comes behind her and tries to stop her from witnessing the scene, but it is too late and all she wants to do is leave. Phil rushes from behind and tries to explain himself but Se-eum is not ready to hear him out and walks away. Jeong-jae stops Phil from following her and goes behind her himself.

However, Se-eum wants some time to herself and finds herself drinking alone at a bar. Jeong-jae picks up a drunk Se-eum from there and makes a call to Phil from Se-eum’s phone, trying to create another misunderstanding here. The next morning, Se-eum returns home to a flustered Phil who tries to mend their relationship.

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Se-eum makes it clear that she can no longer be together with him, however, Phil misunderstands her and accuses her of having been with Jeong-jae the previous night. This shocks Se-eum and she slaps him before leaving from there. Later, she prepares herself for another day at the orchestra.

However, her unbothered self frustrates A-jin who tries to confront her only to get a warning from Se-eum to stay away from her. Later, she goes on to do her job while Jeong-jae fires Phil for not having composed any piece in three years. On the other hand, Bong-joo posts pictures of Phil’s affair on social media after having captured it during his drugged state.

This shocks the internet and soon, the three parties involved become the center of attraction along with the orchestra itself. Even Jeong-jae is not left out of the aftereffects of the scandal as he is accused of making a bad investment. Seeing the turmoil spread far and wide, Se-eum takes it upon herself to fix things and goes to a news channel.

There, she makes it clear that Phil’s affair is not but a rumour and that her orchestra is soon going to perform a new piece by her husband. This shocks everyone, however, it also makes the negativity towards the orchestra vanish. Jeong-jae is shocked by this and rushes to her where she makes it clear that she will make sure to not let the orchestra be harmed in any way.

Maestra Episode 3 Ending

However, what she doesn’t know is that another storm is brewing in A-jin’s womb. The next day, Se-eum shows up at Phil’s university and takes a few days off on his behalf to compose a new piece. Se-eum is adamant in making sure that her words are fulfilled as she pushes him to the task.

Unfortunately, Phil is unable to come up with anything and wants to give up the very next day. Se-eum soon shows up at his place and sees his state which only angers her further. She is not ready to give up on getting a new piece out of him and begins working together to create something.

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The two work together day and night and finally, Se-eum gets the composition that she had promised on live television. Seeing the chemistry that the two held in the last few days, Phil once again tries to mend things with her. However, right then A-jin shows up with news of her pregnancy.

Maestra Episode 3 Review

Another week of the story getting built up, this episode showed another piece of a somewhat popular theme that is being seen in Kdramas recently. The idea of a third party ruining a relationship without a sense of guilt, instead wanting to see pain on the face of a strong, independent woman.

While we’ve had quite a few women supporting women Kdramas recently, dramas this like one show another side which is not so flowery. Se-eum’s show of strength and vulnerability has been beautifully portrayed by Lee Young-ae which makes you witness a woman who makes sure to keep a good separation between her private and personal lives.

Meanwhile, Lee Si-won also does not back away from gathering our hatred by showing a woman who is ready to go to any length to secure herself and her relationship. However, many a time we forget the guilty party in such situations- Phil, who is the real reason why such situations emerge.

I hope to see the Kdrama showing the real culprit in these situations instead of making this a catfight between the two women. Additionally, I hope Jeong-jae’s character builds up in a better direction because there is no doubt that his chemistry with Se-eum is bringing up the heat on many different levels.

Altogether, this was yet another interesting episode which made a good start for the weekend, but I’m hoping that there is more to the plot tomorrow.

What did you think about this episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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