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‘Madea’s Destination Wedding’ Netflix Movie: Everything We Know

madea destination wedding to begin filming january 2024

Tyler Perry’s A Madea Homecoming – Picture: Netflix

Netflix is getting a new Madea movie, and wedding bells are ringing! Here’s an early preview of what we know about the second Netflix Original Madea movie and 13th overall. 

Previously released by Lionsgate, Madea made her big move to Netflix in 2022 with the release of Tyler Perry’s A Madea Homecoming, which made waves and was one of the most popular movies in the US that year.

Just recently, we reported that Netflix had signed up and was eying a pair of Madea sequels to Homecoming, and we’re happy to report that one is set to begin production very soon.

The first sequel is currently titled Madea’s Destination Wedding. Here’s the basic logline for the new movie:

“Madea’s young granddaughter, Tiffany, introduces her new boyfriend, Zavier, to her family and drops the shocking news to them: that the couple is getting married in two weeks, and everybody is invited to their destination wedding in the Bahamas. Despite her mother, Debrah, appearing to have everything under control, the vacation is hitting some turbulence. Madea isn’t ready to leave the country; Brian doesn’t approve of his daughter’s hasty wedding or her immature fiancee; Tiffany starts to doubt Zavier; and Debrah’s acting out of character. The whole wedding smells suspicious, and all Brian wants to know is whether or not this marriage is really all that it seems.”

Multiple sources suggest filming for the new comedy will begin in January 2024. The new movie will be filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, where most of Perry’s films and series are now being produced. As you may know, Atlanta is home to Tyler Perry Studios. Some of the movies will also reportedly be filmed in the Dominican Republic.

Donte Roll is one of the other characters who will feature in the movie. Described as an Afro-Latino with dreadlocks and without shoes, this pilot is very welcoming, reassuring, flirty, and carefree, even smoking in front of the passengers.

This is one of several projects Perry currently has in the works for Netflix. Mea Culpa is expected to be the next released title, having just recently picked up an R rating for strong sexual content, graphic nudity, language, some violence, and drug use. Following that, we’ll see Six Triple Eight drop on the service.

Angi Bones and Will Areu serve as producers on the new movie with Tyler Perry both writing and directing. Kim Coleman is handling casting for the new film.

Are you looking forward to a new Madea movie headed to Netflix? Let us know in the comments.


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