Like Flowers in Sand Episode 3 Recap and Review: The Mystery Surrounding Du-shik is Finally Revealed!

Like Flowers in Sand Episode 3 titled “Du-shik is not her name”, premiered on December 27, 2023, on Netflix. The new episode surrounds Baek-du diving deep to find out the reality behind the new girl in town. Moreover, there are new secrets sprouting in the village.

Like Flowers in Sand ( 모래에도 꽃이 핀다) is a South Korean drama series directed by Kim Jin-woo and written by Won Yoo-jung. Developed by KT Studio Genie and produced by Astory, the series stars Jang Dong-yoon and Lee Ju-myoung in the lead roles alongside Yoon Jong-seok, Kim Bo-ra, Lee Jae-joon, Lee Joo-seung and others.

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The narrative of the show revolves around a group of young individuals striving to flourish in their lives amid the vibrant setting of Geosan’s ssireum city. In June 2023, AStory production company revealed the signing of a licensing agreement with Netflix for the global broadcasting rights of the series. The show now occupies the ENA’s Wednesday and Thursday 21:00 time slot, formerly held by Moon In The Day.

Scheduled for a total of 12 episodes, each has an approximate runtime of 60 minutes. The show is originally shot in Korean, however, it is also available with English subtitles.

-Like Flowers in Sand Episode 3 Recap Contains Spoilers-

The episode starts with a man named Hyun-duk arriving inside the stadium to meet Yu-kyung while she is talking to Baek-du. When the man calls her by a pet name, Baek-du is confused about their relationship and concludes that he is her lover. On the way to their home, both Yu-kyung and Hyun-duk hold a conversation which reveals that they are not a real couple. Both of them are pretending to be together to investigate the suspicious death of the resident a few days back.

On the next day, Seok-hui starts to write a report of the crime, but his superior asks him not to do it because the Seoul police department are already on the case. Baek-du also comes to meet him and asks him to help him out with his studies as he starts to prep for the police entrance. However, Yu-kyung is visibly angry with him for deciding to quit and tries to convince him to join the team.

Like Flowers in Sand Episode 3 Recap and Review: The Mystery Surrounding Du-shik is Finally Revealed!

Meanwhile, Hyun-duk starts asking around town about the victim and to find some clues. He again hears the name Du-shik, which creates some doubts in his mind. He meets up with some women of the village from whom he gathers the information that the ssireum coach was into gambling, and he might have taken money from Choi, which put him in debt.

As Baek-du has breakfast with his family, they find out that he is planning to sit for the police examination. He goes to the stadium to hand his official resignation from the team, but the coach is nowhere to be found. He practices his moves sometimes with his former teammate. He also meets up with Yoo-kyung, to whom he continuously asks her intention about why she wants to know more about the coach, but she dismisses the questions completely.

Like Flowers in Sand Episode 3 Recap and Review: The Mystery Surrounding Du-shik is Finally Revealed!

Dong-Chan arrives in the office with piece of good news to Yu-kyung that he has found another coach for the team. He reveals that it is none other than Kwak Jin-Su, who is extremely hard to get a hold of. However, Yu-kyung suggests another name, and it is none other than Baek-du. The revelation comes as a surprise to everyone, especially to Baek-du. This news leads to tensions between both contenders.

Baek-du goes to ask Yu-kyung why she recommended him for the job and she explains that he will be useful for the team. Eventually she also admits that she is, in fact, Du-shik, and the episode ends on that note.

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Like Flowers in Sand Episode 3 Review: Final Thoughts

The latest episode exhibits a well-crafted pacing, delivering commendable character development. Particularly noteworthy is the beautifully portrayed relationship between Baek-du and Yu-kyung, with the added depth of exploring the history of their connection. Beyond this, an intriguing narrative unfolds beneath the surface, adding an extra layer of interest to the overall storyline.

Like Flowers in Sand Episode 3 Recap and Review: The Mystery Surrounding Du-shik is Finally Revealed!

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