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Kids Baking Championship Andy Coyle Wikipedia And Age

Whether it’s an innate talent or something else entirely, at such a young age, he has already demonstrated outstanding abilities in the baking industry, which is remarkable. So, if you are eager to know about this young talent, here is Andy Cyole Wikipedia. 

Andy Cyole is one of the young, gifted bakers who has gained international recognition due to participating in the Kids Baking Champion.

While the show is still on and with his immense talent in the bakery, people may not be shocked if he grabs the title.

Already wrapping up its 11th season, they aired its 12th season on New Year’s 1st Jan 2024 at 8 p.m.

The Young Baker’s Andy Coyle Wikipedia

The young culinarian Andy Coyle was born in 2012. He celebrates his birthday every 17th Feb.

Andy Coyle made cake for his own birthday and posted on his social media handle. Source: Instagram

A sweet cake was made on the occasion of his birthday, and he posted it on his Instagram handle, captioning it,

“Happy birthday to me! Yes… I made my own cake 🤣🎂🤣🎂🤣”

Andy Coyle Parents

Andy was seen on the show just a few days ago but has yet to reveal his parents to the media.

Also, the show hasn’t aired online, so it’s hard to know the names and pictures of his parents. 

Andy Coyle making cake for his fathers birthday
Andy Coyle made cake for his father’s birthday. Source: Instagram

However, in one of his posts on his Instagram handle, he shared a beautiful photo of his self-made cake on the occasion of his father’s birthday. 

And going through the people’s comments on that post, it clearly shows that his father goes by the name John.

Andy Coyle Parents Anniversary
Andy made an amazing cake for his parents anniversary. Source: Instagram

Moreover, on the occasion of his parent’s anniversary, he gifted them a delectable cake on top of that, writing Happy Anniversary.

Andy Coyle Siblings

Andy did not open up about his siblings at the show’s beginning.

However, in the post on his Instagram handle, he was seen making her a beautiful cake and then shipping it to her University, where she was pursuing her studies.

Andy Coyle Sister Lucy
Andy Coyle sends his sister cake on her birthday. Source: Instagram

Andy made a gluten-free Funfetti cake and wished her a good message on top of that, saying,

“Happy Birthday to Big Sis Lucy! Gluten-free funfetti cake all set for shipping to Gonzaga University! Miss you! 🎂💙❤️🎂”

Though her sister seems far from him, his love and care for her has never shortened.

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Bakery Business At A Young Age.

With the eagerness to become a renowned baker at such a young age, Andy already opened a small business in 2019 and named it “andysbigheadbakery.”

He also has an Instagram account under his business. He wrote “Big Ideas on Baking” in the account’s bio.

He posts every cake he makes for his loved ones and customers who order from him.

And as he is in the Kids Baking Championship, it will immensely help him grow his business in the future.

Contestant: Kids Baking Championship Season 12

There are, in total, 12 contestants in the 12th season of the Kids Baking Championship. 

Alongside Andy Coyle, others are Levi Dubner, Anainah Hodges, Leland Jackson, Jaime Lee, Madison Lendor, Henry Muranaka, Tasi Savage, Lila Smethrust, Elsie Stark, Oscar Stowell, and Camryn Williams, all aged between 9 and 13 years old.

Though the show has just aired for a day already, one contestant, Henry Muranaka, has been eliminated from the show. 

The remaining 11 participants are still fighting for the whopping prize pool of $25000.

Like in other seasons, the host and judges, Duff Goldman and Valerie Bertinelli, remain the same.

Though it has already been aired on the TV cable channel Foods Network, it has yet to be aired online.

This show has 10 episodes where the young contestant has to bake trendy bakery items with a school twist.

The 12 young competitors created cakes for the first episode in honor of school picture day.

Each cake featured an edible photo on top and emoji patterns highlighting the bakers’ interests.

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