Kacey Fifield Connects Through Her Music

You just released a new single in February called “Never Reply”. Tell us about that single. What was the inspiration behind it?


“Never Reply” is a super sarcastic, bitter song all about pretending to be over a person/situation I’m not. We originally wanted to make a happy song but, as we wrote, the lyrics turned pettier and pettier. We loved the juxtaposition between the hauntingly optimistic instrumental and anthemic melody with the darker tone of the lyrics.


“Never Reply” is part of your upcoming EP “Nostalgia Haunts Me” which releases on March 22nd. Is there a theme to this EP? What can you tell us about the other singles on it?

I wrote most of the EP while I was nearing the end of my senior year, so the project serves as something in between a diary entry and a goodbye letter to my high school experience. But, more broadly, it is all about navigating difficult transitions in any stage of life. “Left Behind” is a track that specifically talks about being afraid of getting stuck in the past while everyone else moves forward with their lives. The future can feel terrifying, let alone when you add the pain that can come with lingering heartbreak into the mix. I hope this EP encapsulates those emotions in a personal but still lighthearted way!

What do you hope your audience takes away from listening to this new EP?


I always want listeners to feel like they understand me better through my lyrics and find pieces of themselves within my songs. The best part of making music is connecting with others so it’s always so refreshing to realize that songs that were so personal to me are also special to other people.


You have a diverse repertoire and write your own music. How would you categorize your music? Do you write with a specific genre in mind or just write whatever you are feeling at the moment?


I totally write whatever I feel like! That tends to lean into pop music for the most part, but I don’t purposefully restrict myself to a genre, it just so happens that I listen to pop music the most so a lot of my own writing reflects that. I love experimenting within pop, though! It’s such a diverse genre that has so much overlap with other genres as well.

You have performed live all over Los Angeles and New York. How are the two coasts different in terms of audience reactions during your performances?


It’s honestly all about the crowd! I’ve been so lucky to have the most amazing performance opportunities at iconic venues like the Troubadour, Whisky A Go Go, Purgatory, Heaven Can Wait, and more. In my experience, the two coasts have not necessarily had noticeable differences but, of course, each show is unique. The best shows are always the ones where the crowd is super engaged!

You have been making music for a while now. How has your music changed as you have grown into adulthood?


I started making music when I was 10 and my lyrics definitely reflected that! As I’ve grown up, my writing has absolutely matured and my style has been influenced by my changing music taste. My voice and musicality have also improved so it’s been great to be able to look back on my own growth as an artist.

Congratulations on your first year of College! I am sure it is challenging. How are you able to balance schoolwork, recording, and performing?


Thank you! Balancing everything is not easy at all, but I’ve learned to prioritize my own wellbeing and mental health along with my music and school. I designate time for working out, spending time with friends, and resting to make sure that I have the energy I need to complete my work and continue my music career. For me, keeping a schedule and to-do list lets me get everything done in time and stay organized!

Can you tell us about the importance of giving back to the community, and are there specific causes that hold a special place in your heart?


Giving back has always been so important to me! I always want to use my voice to amplify important issues. One issue I’m particularly passionate about is sustainability within the food system – I’m a huge advocate for animal rights and sustainability. I’m vegan and encourage anyone interested in the causes of climate change, public health, workers’ rights, environmental racism, or animal ethics to consider lowering their intake of factory-farmed products and look into more sustainable alternatives!

When not immersed in the world of entertainment, what do you enjoy doing? How do these activities contribute to your overall well-being, and do they influence your approach to your craft?

I have 4 rescued cats and love spending time with them! I also am part of an improv group at my college which is so fun. Some other hobbies include running, skiing, hiking, trying new boba spots, and doing the daily Wordle, Connections, and New York Times Crossword. Life is all about balance so spending time doing things outside from music definitely helps me stay grounded and gives me inspiration for my work.
Looking ahead, are there any specific projects or roles you aspire to take on in the future, and what goals do you have for your music career?I want to continue using music as an outlet for expressing my emotions and connecting with new audiences. A huge dream of mine is to perform at the Greek Theatre and go on tour, hoping that I will get to do all of those things!


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