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Iyabo Ojo Daughter Leaked Video: Priscilla Ojo Scandal

Iyabo Ojo Daughter leaked video is trending on multiple social media platforms. Find out more about the Priscilla Ojo scandal and controversy.

Iyabo Ojo is a Nigerian actress, filmmaker, and producer known for her work in the Nigerian film industry, popularly known as Nollywood.

Furthermore, she has featured in numerous Yoruba and English-language movies, gaining recognition for her versatile acting skills.

Outside her acting career, Iyabo Ojo has ventured into movie production and is the CEO of Fespris Limited, her production company.

In the same way, Ojo has produced several successful movies and has also been involved in various philanthropic activities.

Apart from that, people now want to know more about her daughter Priscilla Ojo who was involved in a scandal.

Iyabo Ojo Daughter Leaked Video And Tape Goes Viral

Iyabo Ojo daughter leaked video and tape have been shared heavily on various social media platforms including Twitter. Her daughter Priscilla Ojo has remained in the media prominence for quite a while now.

According to various media outlets, Ojo was captured in various videos in which she allegedly had an intimate moment on the bed.

Iyabo Ojo daughter Priscilla’s leaked video went viral on various social media platforms including Twitter. ( Source: Instagram )

It has been noted that multiple videos related to Ojo have been shared heavily on Twitter. Reportedly, the video was first posted on social media groups which went viral later.

Due to this, the daughter of Iyabo was pulled into the middle of the controversy as some sources even posted unwanted clips to get views on their posts.

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Priscilla Ojo Scandal And Controversy Explained

As said earlier, Priscilla Ojo was involved in a scandal which is about her video that has been shared on social media platforms.

Everyone has been asking multiple questions about Ojo’s controversy. Multiple online portals have claimed that a private video of Ojo was leaked in which she was captured having an intimate moment.

Priscilla Ojo Scandal
Priscilla Ojo scandal created a buzz online as multiple sources shared a video related to her. ( Source: Instagram )

It has been reported that there are multiple videos in which Priscilla allegedly had explicit moments. Apart from that, some people have believed the news while some have claimed it is fake.

In the same way, many people have asked questions about this matter and Priscilla has also opened up her mouth regarding her viral video.

Priscilla Ojo Responds To Her Leaked Tape

Priscilla Ojo was pulled into the middle of controversy after her leaked tape went viral. When the videos were shared on Twitter and other platforms, it created a buzz.

Due to that, Priscilla made headlines and people were asking questions related to Ojo’s viral tape. After receiving tons of messages and comments, Priscilla opened up her mouth and addressed everything.

Not to mention, one of her videos was from a bedroom and she reacted to it saying that it was fake. Ojo dared her blackmailers to reveal her face in the purported private video.   

Priscilla Ojo Leaked
Priscilla Ojo has already responded to her leaked video saying it is fake. ( Source: Instagram )

She had earlier declined over her alleged lovemaking tape, which was rumored to have leaked. Reacting to the alleged accusation, Ojo took to her Snapchat, to call out the accusers to bring out more proof to back their claims.

Ojo also noted that she has a big birthmark on her leg and told the accusers to share the clip showing her face. 

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