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Is Jamie Yuccas Pregnant With Her Husband John Sheehan?

Is Jamie Yuccas Pregnant with her husband John Sheehan? Well-known American journalist Jamie Yuccas writes a column for CBS and won an Emmy for his work on the double-crossing documentary.

She has received recognition for her dedication to the CBS network during her journalistic career.

The reporter was recognized for their work covering the US Marshals Service’s operations for WBBH-TV with a Florida Associated Press Award.

When Omar Mateen, an extreme anti-gay fanatic, massacred 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando in June 2016, Jamie was the first journalist to arrive on the site.

Jamie also recorded the Rio Olympics in the summer of 2016, the US presidential election in 2016, and the devastation left behind by Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

The writer engages in physical activity, such as yoga and jogging, and follows a balanced diet to maintain her healthy lifestyle. 

People are curious to know if Jamie Yuccas Pregnant in 2023 and more details regarding her personal life.

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Is Jamie Yuccas Pregnant With Her Husband John Sheehan?

Is Jamie Yuccas Pregnant With Her Husband John Sheehan? During their ten years of marriage, Jamie Yuccas and John Sheehan are not known to have had any children.

Furthermore, there is no indication that she is expecting a kid or that she is even in a relationship with Bobby Maslar.

Rumors are circulating that the reporter will soon become a father. But there aren’t any tales that allude to Jamie Yuccas’s pregnancy.

Jamie Yuccas pregnant news is not true. (Source: Celeb Shuburb)

The journalist had previously been married to John Sheehan, her former spouse.

While residing in New York City, John worked as a sales representative for Starkey Hearing. Yuccas and Sheehan joined together to establish a single business in 2007.

Following a joyful and prosperous ten-year marriage, Yuccas and her spouse announced their divorce in 2017 for undisclosed reasons.

Furthermore, even though John and Yuccas dated for more than ten years, they were never parents to any of their children.

Married Life And Baby News Of Jamie Yuccas

It is well known that the reporter had relationships with two men. Her ex-husband John Sheehan is the first, and Bobby Maslar, her lover, is the second.

Before their divorce, Jamie Yuccas and John Sheehan were husband and wife. Following 10 years of marriage, which began in 2007, the pair decided to file for divorce.

After the couple’s formal divorce in 2017, they were free to go on with their lives. The husband of Jamie Yuccas is a manager of the Starkey hearing aid firm and a local businessman.

Jamie Yuccas Pregnant
Jamie, the breathtakingly beautiful woman, presents herself as a driven, lively, and curious news anchor and reporter. (Source: The RC Online)

For her, love did not end with the divorce. After moving on, she started dating Bobby Maslar. Her partner is a pilot for a nearby airline.

After meeting on one of Jamie Yuccas’ flights, the two decided to advance their relationship.

They both don’t hesitate to use Instagram postings to declare their unwavering love for one another.

Sadly, Bobby Maslar isn’t her spouse because he hasn’t proposed to her yet. However, their supporters are optimistic that the pair will eventually get married.

Family Details Of Jamie Yuccas

August 3, 1982, saw Jamie Yuccas’ birth in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she grew up and went to adolescence.

As of right now, Jamie has not shared any information about her family on social media.

Soon after the baby was born, Jamie Yuccas posted a photo of her on social media. Karen Yuccas delivered the baby.

Keith Pieper is the name of the journalist’s stepfather. Karen and her mother, together with Keith, exchanged vows in a modest, private ceremony.

Keith unfortunately passed away in 2016. John Yuccas is a man who is one of Yuccas’ siblings.

Not only is he an accomplished photographer, but he also owns his own company, John Yuccas Pictures.

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