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How to Hire App Developers in Dubai with IT Staff Augmentation

Modern organizations, including startups, SMBs and enterprise grade companies require flexibility and speed to navigate evolving customer demands and seize new business opportunities. And sometimes, traditional hiring methods from typical mobile app development companies in Dubai may fall short, because of which, appreneurs then have to struggle to acquire the specialized skills and talent needed to stay ahead. This is where IT staff augmentation fills the talent gap. It is a powerful solution that offers a strategic approach totalent acquisition and helps app-based, software and other tech businesses overcome the limitations of conventional hiring arrangements.

What is IT staff augmentation?

IT staff augmentation is the practice of temporarily adding skilled professionals to your existing team through a third-party provider. These augmented team member’s work seamlessly alongside your internal staff, filling specific skill gaps, tackling short-term projects, or scaling your workforce to meet fluctuating development and update workloads. You can think of it as a subscription, or pay-as-you-go hiring model because it works exactly like renting talent with specific expertise for a defined period.

How is IT staff augmentation different from in-house hiring and outsourcing?

Traditional methods like in-house hiring are time-consuming, expensive and inflexible. You have to find the right candidates, complete recruitment processes and onboard new staff after a lengthy ordeal of deciding their compensation – wages and benefits.

On the other hand, outsourcing may offer access to talent quickly, but it often comes with challenges like communication gaps, cultural differences and limited control over project execution.

IT staff augmentation bridges the gap between these two approaches because it is:

  • Faster than in-house hiring. You can access pre-vetted, experienced professionals in a shorter time frame.
  • More flexible than outsourcing. Integrate seamlessly with your existing team and retain greater control over project direction.
  • Cost-effective. You pay only for the specific skills and experience you need and can reduce overhead costs.
  • Period-specific and you can get on-demand expertise and fill specialized skill gaps without the burden of long-term commitments.

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

Here are top five benefits of hiring through IT staff augmentation:

Whether you are developing a tech product, SaaS or even a website for in-house use, for your customers or white-labeling for your client, staff augmentation can help you fill the demand within hours. You can adapt your team size quickly to meet changing project needs.

Tackle high-priority initiatives with a skilled and experienced workforce. Work with these resources as and when you want

  • Innovation and problem-solving

A diverse team comes with fresh perspectives and skill sets into your team. For example, if you are hiring a team of five members for your app, let’s say a UI/UX designer, frontend developer, backend developer, project manager and testing professional, they’ll all bring their experiences under one roof for your project.

  • Low hiring and training costs

You can totally eliminate the expenses associated with traditional recruitment and onboarding.

You can access specialized expertise for complex projects or temporary emergencies.

Tips for finding the right IT staff augmentation agency in Dubai

Here are the best practices I recommend to businesses when they are interviewing app development companies in Dubai for hand-picked teams:

  1. Set your goals

It is highly important to do your homework before approaching an app development company in Dubai, UAE. Create a proper plan about the roles you need to fill. IT staff augmentation agencies typically provide developers, Devops, software engineers, project managers, data scientists and cyber security professionals.

Also, decide the duration of your projects and the hourly budget you plan on spending on the team.

  1. Research

While you can go for top IT staff augmentation agencies like TopTal, choosing one locally will help you save time and money. One of the best mobile app development companies like CMOLDS and Techlancers also offer staff augmentation services.

The ideal way to check the credibility of your prospective resource provider is to study the reviews on independent third-party platforms like Clutch and Good Firms. Then check their website and ask for a pitch deck with case studies.

The second factor that you need to consider is niche expertise – this is all the more relevant and important if you are in a service-centric or production-sensitive industry like food delivery, healthcare, real estate, education or logistics. See if your prospective app developer has experience building digital products in your industry and sector. Then later, you can interview about knowledge of compliance regulations.

  1. Interview

Staff augmentation service providers typically showcase their development profiles on their website. You get to study their talents, expertise, niche skills and years of experience. Then you have the option to hire the company or interview for assessment.

If you plan on interviewing, talk about app development frameworks, emerging technologies, skillset and management of changes in scope of projects.

  1. Evaluate

If you have shortlisted more than one resource for the same role, the best way to decide is to find the right balance amongst factors like price, location, communication setup, quality of design and development, timelines of delivery and availability in terms of hours.

Since the staff augmentation model requires the business to manage the reporting and work completion, you’ll have to thoroughly discuss project management and progress communication beforehand.

  1. Create NDA and contract

These staff augmentation teams don’t often negotiate on hourly rates, but if you get to connect with their sales team, you can lower the hourly rate. Once you have decided on the monetary exchanges, create a non-disclosure agreement. This document will ensure both parties maintain confidentiality about the projects. Then sign the contract. Make sure to carefully go through the clauses related to termination of contract.


IT staff augmentation is more than a staffing solution for businesses with technical needs. It’s a strategic and cost-effective tool for maximizing agility, efficiency and competitiveness in product development. By practicing control, flexibility and access in the right way, product companies can yield strong development benefits, enjoy reliable development delivery and serve their customers in a more efficient way.


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