How to earn 500 USD a day without working

Passive income has become very important in our times. Especially in the last few years we’ve seen pandemics and various crises. Given the unstable time and situation in the world, you want to invest money somewhere and get a stable passive daily income. 

Cloud mining is a reliable and effective way to generate income, and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Bitcoin today is a means of payment, it is mined, bought and sold and the price is watched daily. Recently, it has started to be used as a tool to get paid for mining it. However, it is difficult and expensive to mine bitcoin in the traditional way because of the financial outlay on equipment. Cloud mining is the mining of bitcoin without any additional financial outlay and without complex knowledge.

Which cloud mining platform to choose?

SunMiner, of course! Over 9.5 million users worldwide trust the company with their money, making it the leader among all platforms. Here are 8 reasons to start working with the platform right now:

1) Technical support. Round-the-clock support from experienced professionals who will help you solve any problem in minutes.

2) No unnecessary costs. You don’t need to buy equipment or training. You only pay for hash power.

3) Payouts. Automatic payouts through your personal locker, approval of a payout request in less than 5 minutes. Payouts around the clock.

4) Choice of packages. Hash rate of 10EH/s and a wide range of service packages.

5) Reliability. The service has been operating since 2019, high level of reliability. Highly qualified specialists work here.

6) Easy registration. Registration on the site in one click. This allows you to quickly create an account and start earning.

7) Legal. Everything is legal, the company has all the necessary licences and permits in the UK.

8) Bonuses. When a new user signs up, they get $10 instantly into their account. You can start earning right away. You can also earn up to 3% for life from people you invite through your link.

Don’t forget that you can find more information about cloud mining at

The company also installs the Sunminer official app on your phone, just click on google play or apple store to download.


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