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‘High Tides’ Renewed for Season 2 at Netflix

high tides renewed for season 2 netflix

Picture via Netflix

The Flemish-Dutch coproduction High Tides will be returning for a second season, as announced by Netflix Netherlands overnight, with production to begin next year.

Pommelien Thijs, Willem De Schryver, and Eliyha Altena led the cast for the new YA drama that’s about three teens spending the summer in the Belgian seaside town called Knokke hoping to find themselves.

The series is a Netflix Original, although technically, it’s only exclusively distributed by them, with the show having first aired on VRT 1 in Belgium. Dingie is the production company behind the show.

Netflix first announced it had acquired the rights to the series in mid-November 2023, with the drama touching down on December 7th, 2023. Netflix in the Netherlands secured the rights much sooner as a licensed show back in July 20th.

Since its arrival on Netflix, it had a slow start but has since found relative success in the Netflix top 10s, with FlixPatrol suggesting the show’s popularity is growing. As of December 14th, the show has featured in the TV top 10s in 54 countries, showing a meteoric rise in countries like Germany, France and places like Uruguay. The show even featured in the global top 10s between December 4th and 10th, picking up 6.4M hours watched, equating to 1.1M views.

The renewal came via the Netflix Netherlands X feed that featured a video confirming the return of the show:

The transcript for the video (translated into English) is as follows:

“Big news! Jenna! You’re not going to tell it without me, are you? No. Don’t forget about me. Elijah! Yo man, what’s up? Okay, now we’re on the air.

Don’t forget your mom, Elijah. Oh, hi Anna. Now everyone’s here.

Together… That’s good. Knock on the door, you’ll get a second season. Okay, see you on set in 2024, friends.


Filming begins for High Tides season 2 in 2024 based on that video, which could suggest a late 2024 release date or, more likely, 2025.

We’ll soon be including High Tides on our list of every renewed Netflix original series. That list currently includes over 100 shows from around the globe announced to be heading back for a second, third, fourth, or other new season at the streamer.

Are you excited for another season of High Tides on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.


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