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Gillian Van Houten Illness And Health 2024: Is She Sick Now?

Gillian Van Houten illness has dragged everyone’s attention and here’s everything you need to know about her health updates as of now.

Gillian Van Houten is a notable author from South Africa who has published some books. Her notable work includes The Way of the Leopard.

Apart from being an author, Van Houten is also noted to be a former television newsreader who remained active in the scene for some years.

Besides that, Gillian is also known for her marriage to John Varty, a notable South African wildlife filmmaker who has made more than 30 documentaries and one feature film.

Furthermore, Gillian is making rounds online as people have asked multiple questions related to her illness which has been shared below.

Gillian Van Houten Illness: Is She Sick Now?

Gillian Van Houten illness has created confusion among her followers. However, there is no truth about her having any serious disease.

None of the verified media sources have given the facts about Van Houten dealing with illness. It appears that she is fine and is doing well in her life.

Gillian Van Houten does not have an illness but people are eager to know more about this matter. ( Source: Facebook )

Meanwhile, Gillian prefers to keep herself far from the public domain making it more challenging to know everything related to her current life.

Considering everything, it can be said that Van Houten does not have an illness and she may be doing well in her life. If there comes such news, more updates may be delivered in the future.

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Gillian Van Houten Health 2024

As of now, Gillian Van Houten health update seems to be fine. As said earlier, Van Houten keeps herself far from the public domain.

Due to her low-key nature, it becomes pretty challenging to give info related to her ongoing life. There are no official accounts of Gillian on any social media platforms.

Gillian Van Houten Health
Gillian Van Houten health is fine and she prefers to live a low-key life with her close ones. ( Source: Facebook )

Apart from that, online users have been asking various questions related to Gillian’s health issues for quite a while now.

Despite all the ongoing matters, Gillian has not said a single word related to her health. This makes it clear that Van Houten is doing well in her life and is pretty fine.

Gillian Van Houten Married Life With John Varty

According to various online sources, Gillian Van Houten is married to filmmaker John Varty. As per the Wikipedia bio of John, the duo tied the knot in 1995.

On the other hand, some online portals have mentioned Gillian as an ex-wife of John. This has created confusion among their fans and followers.

Meanwhile, there are not many facts regarding their married life and separation. It can be said that they may be still together as the info about their divorce has not been confirmed.

Gillian Van Houten Husband
Gillian Van Houten and John Varty were photographed together in a single frame. ( Source: Facebook )

According to a report, John is the father of three kids, a Daughter Savannah, and twin boys, Sean and Tao. John has not talked much about his relationship with Gillian.

Apart from that, Gillian and John have remained together for a long time and they have also supported each other in every step of their life.

John has faced some horrific moments in his life after being attacked by a tiger and the matter has also been shared by Gillian in the media. 

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