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Five Big Predictions for ‘Virgin River’ Season 6

our big predictions for virgin river season 6

Virgin River – Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

Virgin River is coming back for a sixth season and it looks like we’ve got quite the wait before its return on Netflix. To help fill the time, here are five big predictions on what will be covered in Virgin River season 6.

Once again, we’ve enlisted the help of The Viewer’s Perspective’s editor-in-chief to put together these predictions. You may recall they also helped us put together predictions for who Mel’s father is ahead of the Christmas episodes dropping (and dropping a bombshell), but we’ve cited them constantly over the past few months.

1. Mel and Jack’s Wedding

According to recent reports, the upcoming season 6 of Virgin River will feature the most significant time jump in the show’s history. Season 6 will start with Mel and Jack preparing for their wedding, which is expected to be a major storyline spanning several episodes.

It wouldn’t be wise to make fans wait for a possible season 7 to see this event.

2. Lizzie Will Give Birth

Charmaine’s long pregnancy was a constant running joke among the viewers. While the previous writing team had given Charmaine the five-season-long pregnancy, Lizzie is now expecting. Our big prediction is that we don’t think it will be as long, especially with the time jump we mentioned earlier.

With the large time jump, we will almost certainly witness Lizzie giving birth to her and Denny’s baby girl sometime during season 6.

lizzie in virgin river

Sarah Dugdale as Lizzie, Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey as Ricky in episode 408 of Virgin River. Cr. Courtesy Of Netflix © 2022

3. Everette Reid Will Shake Up The Town

Mel and Jack may not be familiar with Everett Reid, but we’re willing to bet that the older members of Virgin River are, and they don’t like him.

Mel’s father was known to be a kind, charming, and sweet person when he was in love with Mel’s mother. However, the breakup and ensuing heartache may have changed him into an irritable and unlikable man. He doesn’t get along with the lovely people of the small town, and something that contributed to his behavior might have occurred between him and the people of Virgin River.

Mel will likely try to smooth things over and convince the townsfolk to give her father a second chance.

We’re also expecting fireworks particularly when it comes to any scenes between Doc and Everett, which could be amusing as they no doubt believe they know what’s best for their daughter, Mel.

4. Charmaine Still Causing Problems For Mel And Jack

Mel and Charmaine have become friendly throughout season 5.
When Mel discovers that Calvin is the biological father of Charmaine’s twins, Charmaine insists that Mel keeps this information a secret from Jack. Mel agrees to help keep her relaxed during labor.

However, in season 3, episode 3, Jack and Mel promise to always be honest with each other, with Jack expressing his desire to know the truth even if it could upset him.

When season 6 begins, Jack may still be unaware of the twins’ paternity.

Although we are not too concerned about the couple, we suspect this could cause tension or arguments.

Furthermore, given how kind-hearted Mel and Jack are, it is likely that they will assist Charmaine in protecting her and the twins from Calvin, who wants to be a part of their lives.

Virgin River n S5 E12 00 40 12 17R

Virgin River – Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

5. More Romance

During season 5, viewers felt that there were not enough romantic moments, which was a departure from the show’s typical style. After the airing of part one, negative feedback was received due to the limited screen time given to the characters played by Henderson and Breckenridge.

As a result, the writers have indicated that scripts have been changed for season 6 to ensure that the couple would be featured more prominently. However, even after the airing of the second part of season 5, the main complaint from viewers remained the lack of romance for the couple. Therefore, the writing team is expected to consider this feedback and include more romantic and magical elements for the couple while still keeping the storyline grounded.

Thanks again to The Viewers Perspective for their passionate efforts in covering Virgin River over the last few years and into the future.

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What are your big predictions for Virgin River season 6? Let us know in the comments.


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