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First Wife Scarth And Second Wife Yvonne

John Pilger wife name is trending online and if you want to know more about his married life, read this article till the end.

John Pilger was a well-known Australian journalist and documentary filmmaker who had a long and distinguished career in investigative journalism.

Likewise, Pilger was known for his critical and often controversial views on global politics and media. Pilger reported on a wide range of international issues, focusing on human rights abuses, war, and the impact of globalization.

Furthermore, he started his career as a journalist in the early 1960s and gained recognition for his coverage of the Vietnam War.

Currently, his name is making rounds online as John’s death was confirmed. He passed away on December 30, 2023, and now people want to know more about John’s personal life.

Meet John Pilger First Wife Scarth Flett 

John Pilger was married twice in his life. His first wife is Scarth Flett with whom he remained together for a long time. Pilger and Flett supported each other in many steps of their life.

There are no details regarding their marriage as none of the verified media sources have given the facts related to this matter.

John Pilger was first married to journalist Scarth Flett and they also welcomed a son. (Source: The Guardian)

John was aware of his privacy and kept everything related to his personal life far from the public domain. Apart from that, the duo later parted their ways.

Meanwhile, his first wife, Scarth,  is also recognized as the granddaughter of the physician and geologist Sir John Smith Flett.

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John Pilger Married Life With Second Wife Yvonne Roberts

As said earlier, John Pilger was first married to Scarth Flett. Following his divorce from Scarth, Pilger went on to have a relationship with Yvonne Roberts.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Pilger and Yvonne were married to each other. Meanwhile, no media sources have given much facts regarding their marriage.

Yvonne Roberts
Yvonne Roberts was said to be married to journalist John Pilger with whom she also welcomed a daughter. (Source: Times Higher Education)

So, it can’t be confirmed when the duo tied the knot. Apart from that, Yvonne is an English journalist who has worked in various companies.

She has also given her work in multiple television shows including Weekend World, The London Programme, and This Week.

John Pilger Was The Father Of Two Kids

John Pilger was the father of two kids: Sam and Zoe Pilger. John became a father for the first time after he and his first wife welcomed a son named Sam in the year 1973.

According to a report, his son is said to be a sports writer by profession. Apart from that, John became a father for the second time after he and his second wife Yvonne gave birth to a daughter, Zoe Pilger in 1984.

John had a good bond with his kids. For your information, his daughter, Zoe, is an author and art critic. Her debut novel, Eat My Heart Out, received the Betty Trask Award and the Somerset Maugham Award.

John Pilger Daughter
John Pilger daughter Zoe Pilger is an author and art critic. (Source: Flux Magazine)

Zoe lives in London and is currently working on her PhD at Goldsmiths, researching romantic love and sadomasochism in the work of female artists.

The Pilger family is mourning the loss and people are sharing their words for the late soul. 

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