Fatou “Letter 1 – Adaeh” Mixtape Ep Album Info

Fatou “Letter 1 – Adaeh” Mixtape EP Album Info

“Letter 1 – Adaeh” is Fatou’s 1st Mixtape EP Album. It will be released on December 8 with “Devil Made the Deal for Me” as the title track. It has a total of 5 tracks.

Artist: Fatou
Released: December 8, 2023
Genre: R&B, pop rap, lo-fi hip-hop, trap
Length: 13:06
Label: DR Entertainment

1. The other side
2. Devil Made the Deal for Me
3. Adaeh
4. Me myself and I
5. Alright

Video Links
[FATOU] LETTER 1- ADAEH_The other side_Official Music Video
[FATOU] LETTER 1- ADAEH_The other side_teaser
[FATOU] LETTER 1- ADAEH_Announcement Video

Album Info 
This album is Fatou’s first Mixtape EP Album and her first Solo Album

Made by: Tracy

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What’s your favorite track on “Letter 1 – Adaeh” by Fatou? (Choose 3)

What’s your favorite song from ‘Letter 1 – Adaeh’ by Fatou?


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