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Donegal business icon George Boal passes away, leaves impactful legacy

George Boal, a luminary in Donegal’s business world and a stalwart personality of Letterkenny, sadly passed away recently. Being the founder of the Pinehill Industrial Estate in Letterkenny, his legacy is one that will be remembered for generations. Born to a farming family, George spent most of his early life working with James Johnston and Sons. His contributions to Donegal’s enterprise were recognised in 2004 when he was awarded Letterkenny Business Person of the Year.

George Boal’s Story
George Boal, along with his wife Betty, was at the heart of the Pinehill Industrial Estate’s creation at the Mountain Top in Letterkenny. The couple began their journey in 1962, living in a caravan on a barren site at the Mountain Top while George toiled as a roofer. They built their own house and then acquired the adjacent five acres for €45, subsequently establishing a Pre-Cast Concrete business. Today, their once desolate plot is a thriving hub, boasting a busy shop and petrol station amidst numerous homes. Their vision has transformed a once boggy wasteland into a bustling community.

George was known for his hard-drinking lifestyle, which raised eyebrows and scepticism amongst many. However, in the early 1980s, with the support of Betty and their family, George embraced sobriety and maintained it till his last days. George was always candid about his past, often discussing his struggles with alcohol. However, his generosity and support for others battling alcoholism was a topic he seldom discussed. It’s important to note that many individuals owe their sobriety to his guidance and support – an enduring legacy.

Recognition of George Boal’s Contributions
In 2004, George Boal was named Letterkenny’s Business Person of the Year by the Letterkenny Chamber – a well-deserved honour that was perhaps overdue. As was his nature, George was quick to attribute his success to his wife Betty, who had been his unwavering support system all these years. He also fondly reminisced about the journey that led to the establishment of the Pinehill Industrial Estate.

His story is a testament to his unwavering spirit and determination, as well as his ability to turn adversity into an opportunity. The loss of such a cherished individual is deeply felt, and our heartfelt condolences go out to Betty, Drew, Ricky, Gavin, and everyone who knew and loved George. In memory of George Boal, the Highland Radio sends their deepest sympathies.


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