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DJ Akademiks Girlfriend Cheyenne: Cheating And Affair Rumors

Who is DJ Akademiks Girlfriend Cheyenne? Given the DJ’s current reception of intense criticism for his actions, there is heightened curiosity regarding his partner.

Who Is DJ Akademiks Girlfriend, Cheyenne?Read About DJ Akademiks Cheating And Affair Rumors

Livingston Allen, widely known as DJ Akademiks, is an American podcaster, internet personality, and live streamer who became popular through his YouTube channel.

Born in 1991 in Spanish Town, Jamaica, he has become a notable figure in the music industry, particularly in the realm of hip-hop.

DJ Akademiks, known by aliases like Big AK, Lil AK, The Prize, and The Negrotiator, is acclaimed for his insightful coverage of recent developments in the music scene.

Boasting an impressive following, DJ Akademiks has garnered 492 thousand followers on Instagram and over 2.79 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Beyond his online presence, he is an alumnus of Rutgers University–New Brunswick.

His multifaceted career in digital media has made him a significant influencer in the world of hip-hop news and commentary.

Lately, Akademiks has been in the headlines for facing allegations of sexual assault and grooming minors. Let’s find more details in this regard.

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Who Is DJ Akademiks Girlfriend, Cheyenne?

Cheyenne is DJ Akademiks’ girlfriend, and there have been previous reports of him attempting to break up a fight when his girlfriend was intoxicated.

DJ Akademiks has faced criticism multiple times for his actions, particularly for instances of “turning up on women,” whether it involves his girlfriend or other women.

This behavior has led to backlash on social media, with many labeling him “corny.”

Furthermore, Internet users also pointed out that he doesn’t exhibit the same energy when dealing with men in the music industry.

DJ Akademiks previously had a heated interaction with his girlfriend, Cheyenne (Source: The Jasmine Brand)

Interestingly, in a recent discussion on the Off The Record podcast, DJ Akademiks addressed various aspects of his intricate relationship with women.

Notably, he asserted that his girlfriend allegedly took $500K from him, alongside other accusations involving assault and contradictory reports about her.

While his accusation against her is related to potentially facing felony charges, these claims have not been officially verified as of press time.

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Read About DJ Akademiks Cheating And Affair Rumors

DJ Akademiks is currently facing serious allegations of sexual assault and grooming minors, sparking significant backlash on the Internet.

The controversy stems from a claim made by Ak, stating that a woman had engaged in a threesome with his friends at his residence while he was intoxicated.

Subsequently, she accused him of assaulting her later. It is not the first time he is involved in cheating and other rumors.

Furthermore, a video surfaced on social media in which a woman identified herself as the person DJ Akademiks had mentioned.

She expressed that although she may appear disheveled now, she won’t tolerate allowing this man to persist in spreading false information about her.

Dj Akademiks Girlfriend Cheyenne
DJ Akademiks is facing allegations of sexual assault and grooming minors (Source: Spotify Newsroom)

Not only that, but additional allegations have surfaced online, suggesting that the former host of Everyday Struggle has been involved in grooming underage girls.

These allegations include purported direct messages (DMs) and testimonies, though they are presently unverified accusations.

Some online discussions also highlight a clip where a woman’s scream is heard during one of his livestreams, but the authenticity of this audio remains unconfirmed.

As the situation unfolds, the veracity and implications of these explosive claims will likely become clearer in 2024.

The Internet community closely monitors the developments surrounding DJ Akademiks and the serious accusations against him.

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