Dehati Ladke Review: Same Old College Story That’s Seriously Underwhelming

Dehati Ladke Review: The Amazon miniTV series stars Shine Pandey as Rajat Raj Singh Chauhan, Kusha Kapika as Chaya, Saamya Jain as Prerna, Tanish Neeraj as Yuvan Mathur, Raghav Sharma as Shashank, Aasif Khan as Prashant, Lilliput as Nawab, and others. The story is by Ishan Bajpai, Amitabh Singh, and Saurabh Tiwari. The series is directed by Prashant Singh.

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Amazon miniTV’s Dehati Ladke Review Contains No Spoilers

Dehati Ladke Review: Plot Summary

In Amazon miniTV’s Dehati Ladke, a boy named Rajat moves to Lucknow from Gonda for his college. The city life gives Rajat a different view towards love, life, and friendships. Still, he places equal value on his ‘Dehati’ roots. In what ways will Rajat manage to survive his time in college? We find out everything in the end.

Dehati Ladke Review: Discussion

A young village boy moving out for his higher education and trying to blend himself into city life is a trope that is quite common in various movies and shows. Dehati Ladke doesn’t present a particularly original tale as a whole. There’s no room for surprises with so many small-town, big-dreams-type shows already coming out on different platforms every year.

In the show, Rajat encounters a number of difficult circumstances that sidetrack him from his primary objective of putting in a lot of study time and establishing a name for himself. He has a crush on his classmate Prerna and his teacher, Prerna. Rajat’s romantic track has several cute and some bizarre moments.

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Everything appears adorable when Rajat’s developing crush is shown through some lovely romantic Hindi songs. But the conversations are not always cute to watch. Following an error in judgement, Rajat behaved coldly towards Prerna, giving the impression that he was entitled to her and her life. It is awkward to witness Chaya neglecting the student-teacher boundaries and giving Rajat some questionable guidance.

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You find the friendship aspect of the series to be underwhelming as well. It’s a usual story with bullies, friends who spoil the gaav ka ladka, and those who believe they’re better than others. miniTV’s Dehati Ladke appears to be a retelling of a number of such titles that we have already seen.

Shine Pandey has performed admirably in his role as Rajat Raj Singh Chauhan. Shine gets the dilemma of his character right in situations that he didn’t know he would have to face in college life. However, the ordinary story doesn’t leave any lasting impression on anyone. Kusha Kapila, as Chaya, plays a weird character that isn’t pleasing to watch.

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Dehati Ladke Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, Dehati Ladke offers nothing unique. As mentioned before, it’s a well-known story of a village boy trying to fulfil his aspirations of living in the city. The love story and friendship aspects aren’t that fun to watch, either. But if you are craving some light content with friendly and silly vibes, you can watch this without expecting anything noteworthy to discuss in the end.

The series is now streaming on Amazon miniTV.

Have you watched the show? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments section below.

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