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Carlos Cuerpo Caballero Wikipedia And Edad: How Old Is He?

Carlos Cuerpo Caballero Wikipedia has been trending as the noted Spanish politician with expertise in the economy recently became the Minister of Economy.

Carlos Cuerpo Caballero, born in Badajoz, Spain, is a distinguished Spanish economist currently serving as the Minister of Economy, Trade, and Enterprise in Spain.

A graduate with a degree and Ph.D. in Economics, he has demonstrated profound expertise in economics. 

Before assuming his current ministerial role, Carlos Cuerpo Caballero held the position of Secretary General of the Treasury, showcasing his competence in financial matters.

In August 2021, Carlos Cuerpo Caballero’s significant contributions earned him a Secretary General of the Treasury and International Financing promotion.

This position elevated him to the head of the Spanish public treasury, working under the Minister of Economy.

On December 29, 2023, Carlos Cuerpo Caballero was nominated by President Pedro Sánchez to become the Minister of Economy, Commerce, and Business.

This new achievement marked his elevation to a crucial position within the Spanish government, succeeding the vice president Nadia Calviño.

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Carlos Cuerpo Caballero Wikipedia

Carlos Cuerpo Caballero has a Wikipedia page about his political career and achievements.

He earned his Economics degree from the University of Extremadura in 2003 and again chose economics for his master’s at the London School of Economics.

Afterward, Carlos obtained a doctorate in Economics from the Autonomous University of Madrid in 2017.

In addition to his academic achievements, Caballero has engaged in teaching roles at institutions like the University of Extremadura.

Carlos Cuerpo Caballero Wikipedia
Carlos Cuerpo Caballero’s political career and accomplishments are documented on his Wikipedia page (Source: ABC)

He has also been associated with the Center for Economic and Commercial Studies (ICEX-CECO), the London School of Economics, and George Washington University.

In 2008, he joined the Superior Body of Commercial Technicians and State Economists, working as an economic analyst at the European Commission.

Following this, he moved to Brussels, where he provided economic advice to the General Directorate of Economic and Financial Affairs between May 2008 and April 2011.

Upon returning to Spain, he served as deputy director general of Public Debt at AIReF from May 2014 to October 2016.

From November 2016 to February 2020, he directed the Economic Analysis Division at AIReF before being appointed as the General Director of Macroeconomic Analysis.

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New Minister Of Economy Edad: How Old Is Carlos Cuerpo Caballero?

Born in 1980, the Spanish politician is 44 years old.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has unveiled the successor to Nadia Calviño in leading the Ministry of Economy, Commerce, and Business.

This ends the suspense surrounding the composition of the Council of Ministers.

Carlos Cuerpo Caballero, who is currently serving as the Secretary General of the Treasury and International Financing, has been chosen for this role.

He is known for his close collaboration with Calviño and the President’s trust in him.

Carlos Cuerpo Caballero Wikipedia
Carlos Cuerpo Caballero became the Minister of Economy, Commerce, and Business on December 29, 2023 (Source: El HuffPost)

Sánchez praised Calviño’s significant contributions to the Economy, emphasizing qualities like “honesty and solvency.”

He sees these qualities in Cuerpo Caballero, a young professional with a proven track record and exemplary public service within the Administration.

Cuerpo Caballero will oversee the Government’s economic policy and preside over the delegate committee for Economic Affairs.

Another significant development that emerged before the announcement of Calviño’s replacement was reported by Cadena SER.

María Jesús Montero, Minister of Finance and Public Function and Deputy Secretary General of the PSOE, is now the First Vice President of the Government.

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