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Carlos Cuerpo Caballero Padres: Padre, Madre And Familia

People are looking for Carlos Cuerpo Caballero Padres. He is the president of the government appointed as the new Minister of Economy, Commerce, and Business.

Carlos Cuerpo Caballero Padres: Padre, Madre And Familia DetailsCareer Details Of Carlos Cuerpo Caballero

Additionally, he elevated María Jesús Montero to the position of first vice president, eliminating the position of fourth vice president.

The president has described Body, the current Secretary General of the Treasury and International Financing, as a fervent supporter of Europe, a trustworthy and financially stable individual, and someone who has had an excellent career serving the public.

He will preside over the government’s delegate committee for economic affairs in his capacity as head of the economy.

Sánchez has made a point of highlighting his education at the Extremadura State University, where he completed his doctorate in economics and became a State Commercial Technician.

Be with us till the end to know more about Carlos Cuerpo Caballero Padres and other details regarding his personal life and family. 

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Carlos Cuerpo Caballero Padres: Padre, Madre And Familia Details

Talking about Carlos Cuerpo Caballero padres, he is the son of two secondary school teachers, born in Badajoz in 1980.

His parents went to Switzerland so they could work there, where he spent a portion of his youth.

He received his degree in economics from the University of Extremadura in 2003, and the London School of Economics awarded him a master’s degree in economic sciences.

And, also the Autonomous University of Madrid awarded him a doctorate in economics in 2017.

Carlos Cuerpo Caballero Padres details are not revealed online. (Source: Noticias)

In addition, he has taught at the London School of Economics, George Washington University, the Center for Economic and Commercial Studies (ICEX-CECO), and the University of Extremadura.

Besides his mother tongue, he is proficient in both English and French. The name and other details of his parents are not revealed yet. 

Because of security concerns, politicians and other celebrities prefer to keep their personal lives private. We will revisit this topic once he makes any other family-related revelations.

Career Details Of Carlos Cuerpo Caballero

He returned to Spain and worked at AIReF as deputy director general of public debt from May 2014 to October 2016.

He was named director of the AIReF Economic Analysis Division in November 2016 and remained in that role until he was appointed general director of Macroeconomic Analysis in February 2020.

He was a member of the “council of wise men” who gave the government advice on how to plan the de-escalation during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Following the Minister of Economy, he was elevated to the post of Secretary General of the purse and International Financing in August 2021, making him the second-highest official in charge of the Spanish public purse.

Pedro Sánchez, the President of the Government, suggested him to be the Minister of Economy, Commerce, and Business on December 29, 2023, taking Vice President Nadia Calviño’s place.

That day, he was sworn in ahead of King Felipe VI.

Carlos Cuerpo Caballero Padres
He is the newly appointed Minister of Economy, Commerce and Business of Spain. (Source: Alconchel)

He will join Josep Borrell, the EU’s vice president and high representative for foreign affairs and security, on the board of the biggest multilateral financial institution in the world.

A development that is extremely relevant to their nation and strengthens Spain’s position and influence at the center of the European project.

The Minister of Economy, Trade, and Enterprise of Spain at the moment is the eminent economist Carlos Cuerpo Caballero.

He is a Ph.D. and degree holder in economics who has proven to be an extremely knowledgeable individual in the field.

Carlos Cuerpo Caballero demonstrated his proficiency in finance by serving as Secretary General of the Treasury before taking on his present ministerial role.

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