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Actors Who Chose the Dominican Republic as Their Second HomeLife in a luxurious paradise: Famous actors who chose the Dominican Republic as their second homeIntroduction

We all like nature’s beauty and a breath of fresh air. Mesmerizing ocean sceneries, mountain tops, accommodations overlooking blue lakes- name them. It’s no wonder the Dominican Republic has become a sensation and a go-to spot for a luxury lifestyle.

This article will uncover the advantages of living in the Dominican Republic. Learn about top actors who have chosen this beautiful location as their second home. 

Famous Celebrities Who Call the Dominican Republic Home

The celebrated British actor cherishes the laid-back scenery of the Casa de Campo resort within the country. Some eyewitnesses have seen Hugh stroll through the streets of Altos de Chavron. Altos is the quaint Mediterranean village within de Campo.

As of July 2021, the American actor wanted to buy a resort worth $14.2M within the country. The resort is located in Casa de Campo comprising six bedrooms. At that time, some sources claim that Jamie declared his love for the Dominican Republic to a local press. 

Recall that Hugh Grant also enjoys Casa de Campo. It appears that many actors have a soft spot for this location.

This tropical palace has also captured the heart of A-list American actor and producer Vin Diesel. Unlike Hugh and Jamie, Vin has been attracted to Punta Cana’s luxury amenities. These include its resorts, clubs, villas, Cap Cana, and beachfront spots.

There are some other celebrities who seek solace and privacy in the Dominican Republic. They include:

  • Shakira.
  • Justin Bieber.
  • Cameron Diaz.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker.
  • Frank Perozo
  • Michelle Rodriguez and more.

Advantages of Staying in the Dominican Republic 

With its stunning scenery, Visa-Free policy, and more, it’s no wonder why many actors have invested in property here. If you want to follow in their footsteps, feel free to Buy property in Dominican Republic. Our team can help you to find the ideal home in this tropical haven. Live in your dream place today!

We bet that you’ve figured out that the Dominican Republic is a place where people go to enjoy nature. But that’s not all. That’s why we’ve made it a point to walk you through other upsides.

Tropical Climate: If you stay in a cold region, you will appreciate the Dominican. It’s warm throughout the year. You also get to relish warm rains every step of the way. Research has shown that the average temperature for the day is 26 °C. Bask in sunshine all year round.

Natural beauty: Beauty, they say, is in the eyes of the viewer. The Dominican Republic has the finest reputation for its showy beaches with turquoise-colored water. 

Research has shown over 200 beaches in this haven, stretching from black to crystal white sand hues. Mountains, breathtaking greenery, and landscapes will stop tourists in their tracks in the first few minutes.

Visa-Free: It boils down to your jurisdiction. Tourists from places like the United States, Canada, and other European locations require no visa to enter this paradise. Stay in the Dominican for 30 days without a visa. Remember that you must acquire a tourist card to benefit from the 30-day incentive.

Local Cuisine: The Dominican Republic has the choicest cuisines in the world. Feel free to salivate if you’re a food lover or just like to explore local cuisines. 

The Dominican signature cuisines are typically the fusion of healthy herbs like saffron and animal products like beef. One of them is Bandera Dominicana. It’s a marriage between beef, rice, red beans, tostones and avocado. Picture this dish’s deliciousness and experience delicious cuisine with the Dominicans!


The Dominican Republic has captured the hearts of top actors like Hugh Grant, Vin Diesel, Jamie Foxx, and more. With resort-like spots like Punta Cana, the country becomes the most accurate place for those who want to unwind.

If you’re planning your next adventure or property, place this country at the top of your pecking order. Don’t sleep on the chance to experience the same luxury lifestyle as your favorite actors! 


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